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Cambridge Nationals R005

No description

Preet Bains

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Cambridge Nationals R005

Learning Outcome 1
Use the Model Assignment and Specification when completing tasks!
Cambridge Nationals - Unit R005
Basics of Website Building
Always Keep files in organised and well named folders

Always manage your site when editing or accessing your website

Remember that your template is separate and it will update pages made from it!

Remember your AIM and AUDIENCE

Be consistent and make sure it INTERACTIVE with lots of MULTIMEDIA
Step 1
SOURCE and STORE multimedia components

Make sure they are named correctly

Make sure you have a good folder setup
Step 2
Open the Dreamweaver application

Design Specification
This must include a detailed description of your Client's user requirements - in other words...What they have asked you to do.

Include a description of who your client is.

How will you meet their needs? What specific things will you include (multimedia, themes etc) and why you have made these choices.

Include a description of the HOUSE STYLE, including fonts, sizes and colours

Describe how you will make your product:

Make a List of Success Criteria - in other words a checklist which will show that you have met your clients needs (use the above)
Making your website!
1. Check your school email and mark yourself for your website as it is (save your reply as a DRAFT)

2. Open up the second Prezi in Students> #ICT#> KS4> Cambridge> R005> Prezi> How to use Prezi 2

Manage Site
New Site
Click on the folder icon and find your ROOT FOLDER, press select once all subfolders are displayed
Press Save
Make sure your folders are green and synced
Step 3
Tables with merged cells

Buttons (x2)


Editable Regions (x3)
Give reasons for the following:
The reason for making a website rather a different multimedia product

The choice of software - include a description of all programs your intending to use
Find and Store multimedia Components
You must save these with suitable names and in suitable and correctly structured folders

Everything collected must comply with copyright and you must record the information how and when you obtained the components correctly.

You must mention Copyright for every component stating whether you have followed it correctly or not.
Create and Draw some plans of how your product will be laid out

Show a plan of the navigation and a map of how your pages will all link
comprehensive specification
suitable success criteria
reference to client brief
appropriate software and why
thorough and detailed justification
comprehensive planning
well organised waya clear house style that refers back to the success criteria
Clearly draws upon relevant skills/knowledge/understanding from other units in the specification.
Task 1

1. Know how to manage and organise your site

2. Identify suitable file types and create your buttons with a consideration of file size

3. Be aware of the copyright information about your new components
Log into your school email

Try and figure out what types of files would go in which folder

Manage your site using the step-by-step guide on the VLE
***Remember to set your folders up first***
Task 2
Go to the Students Folder and Open and save the Button File types quiz

Can you match the types with the correct descriptions?
Open and Save the LO1 Student evaluation in the students folder

Mark yourself out of 9 on slide 1 and then out of 11 on slide 2
Starter Activity
Check your school email and read the criteria for the 3 mark bands

This is for Learning Outcome 2 - Creating your Website
What mark would you give yourself?
(don't reply, type a reply and save it as a draft email)
Today's Objectives...
1. Understand Learning Outcome 2
2. Adapt your Prezi to match your website
3. Update your planning documents
Main Task...
Create a suitable Prezi for your website
remember the aim and audience of your product
Map of venue
activities available
History of company
Open your draft email and re-consider the criteria
would you still give yourself the same mark?

Open and edit your planning documentation to reflect your changes
Learning Outcome 3: Usability Testing
Testing & Evaluation
- You need to firstly test the
of your website.
Examples of things to test: rollovers, navigation of buttons, dropdown rollover, dropdown navigation, slideshows, hyperlinks, animations

You then need to look at your
User Requirements
and state whether you have met this. Refer to your
Success Criteria.
Examples include it will be aimed at 17-23 year olds; how have you done this? One of your success criteria may be to have lots of interactive features
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