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Religious Symbology

No description

Kaleb Bell

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Religious Symbology

The star of David and the hexagram
The star of David is probably the most controversial of the Jewish symbols.
The reason why is that
star of David is actually

a hexagram, the
satanic symbol
for power.
The Hamsa and the Eye of Providence
The hamsa, a symbol of an eye embedded in the palm of a hand has a rather long story. It basically told of ones journey towards illumination. Besides the same definition, a path to illumination, the hamsa and the satanic all seeing eye also look similar.
video time
The Cross
The Modern day cross is actually an adaptation on the egyptian Ankh.
The cross is a symbol of salvation , while the Ankh is a symbol of life.
The Scarab is a symbol used throughout both Christianity and Egyptian polytheism. Unlike many other religious symbols, it meant resurrection and relief in BOTH cultures.
Intro To Christian Symbology
Religious Symbology
Halos and Sun disks
The halo of Christianity is well known for its iconic placement above the heads of saints and other holy people. The sun disk was used in a similar fashion throughout Egypt, and is actually the predecessor of the halo.
Intro to Jewish Symbology
By: Kaleb Bell

religion facts.com
google .com noahide-ancient-path.co.uk
The Scarab
The star is actually called the magen David, or the shield of David .
Intro to Islam Symbology
Intro to Jewish Symbology
video time
Intro to Symbology
Symbology is the study of religious symbols.
These symbols are usually found in art and
architecture throughout the world.
The religion of Christianity has many forms of symbols. These are hidden throughout the world, and can be as large as cathedrals and as small as paintings.
Like many other religious groups, the Jews placed their symbols throughout the world. We are still discovering ancient temples every year!
the ankh
the cross
sun disks
the scareb
the scareb in action
all seeing eye
the hamsa
The Last Supper
Hebukuk and the Angel
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