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Trailers for Exercises :)

No description

Geovane Portiglioti

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Trailers for Exercises :)

foi traduzido como
Um Corpo que Cai
. Na verdade significa ___.
Annie Hall
Woody's best film, an autobiographical love story with incisive Allenisms on romance, relationships, fame, N.Y.C. vs. L.A., and sundry other topics. Warm, witty, intelligent Oscar winner for Best Picture, Actress, Direction, Screenplay (Allen and Marshall Brickman). Look sharp and you'll spot future stars Jeff Goldblum (at the L.A. party), Shelley Hack (on the street), Beverly D'Angelo (on a TV monitor), and Sigourney Weaver (as Woody's date seen in extreme long-shot near the end of the picture.)
Match the plot with the movie
07. Try to use the words that make up the movie titles above.
Match the plot with the movie
Match the plot with the movie
Trailers for Exercises :)
02. What are some themes developed by Woody Allen in this film?

03. No texto anterior a palavra spot quer dizer:
a) mancha b) espinha c) local d) despontar e) reconhecer

04. LA means ...
01. Translate the next quotations from Woody Allen

a) My wife was an immature woman... I would be home in the bathroom, taking a bath, and my wife would walk in whenever she felt like it and sink my boats.

b) It was partially my fault that we got divorced... I tended to place my wife under a pedestal.

c) And my parents finally realize that I'm kidnapped and they snap into action immediately: They rent out my room.
a) Women are impenetrable, a void, completely ___ - they think differently.
b) We hear a lot about topics like the ozone layer and the effects of acid ___.
c) The steal breath of the four horseman of the ___.
d) People used to sing ___ at Christmas.
e) Out of work and looking for a job? Now there's more help than ever in your ___ for the right job.
f) Looking out of the window still gives him ___.
g) His first day here he was like a ___ - he had got up for the first time in 2 years.
h) Hamlet saw the ___ of his father.
i) Advise the patient not to blow his nose for several ___ after a nosebleed.
j) The first egg was laid on March 8, and on March 29 we heard the ___ of chicks being fed.
a) The story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the meanest miser in all of London.
i) A futuristic cargo ship picks up an unwanted passenger.
j) A cop goes looking for a psychotic prison escapee with the help of a fast talking con man.
c) Evil genious attempts to create an invulnerable army of mindless slaves.
d) Captain Williard tells the story of his danger-filled journey toward a fateful meeting with a man named Kurtz, a highly decorated officer who the army contends has gone mad.
h) A maverick New York cop is assigned to deliver a Yakuza gangster to the Japanese authorities, only to allow him to escape upon arrival at the airport.
b) Maria, who doesn't fit in at the convent, is sent to live with a large family as their governess.
e) An embittered Indian-hating, ex-Confederate soldier leads the search for his niece, who was kidnapped years earlier by Indians.
f) A San Francisco detective has a fear of heights and is hired to tail an old friend's wife.
g) A murder victim tries to protect his wife from his killers with the help of a psychic.
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