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Centennial Middle School Media Center Orientation

No description

J Luhmann

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Centennial Middle School Media Center Orientation

Welcome to the CMS Media Center What you need to know about... Finding books! Always bring your Student ID
You can check out 2 books and 1 magazine
Overdue items = no checkouts until the item is renewed or returned
Books can be checked out for 3 weeks and magazines for 1 week

Hours and passes! Hours: 7:25 - 3:20
Passes are needed to use the media center during school hours unless you come with a teacher
You don't need a pass before school or if you visit as a class. Media Center Behavior! No cellphones or MP3 players, even after school
No food, drink, OR gum
Enter and speak quietly.
Don't roll around when using the computer chairs
Media Center Technology! Computers and printers are for school work only
Don't alter your computers desktop or search for inappropriate items
Don't visit gaming sites
Remember to save your work to the Media Center folder on the desktop or bring a flashdrive Media Center Organization! FIC = Fiction
SER = Series
PIC = Picture Books
REF = Reference
A combination of numbers and letters represents non-fiction books
Book care! Always use a bookmark. Don't dog ear or bend the pages to mark your spot
Protect the spine! Don't lay an open book face down for long periods of time
Keep your books away from food and liquids.
Keep your books away from younger siblings and pets
Using your library! The all new Virtual Media Center! www.centennialvirtualmediacenter.wikispaces.com
Use Destiny to look up books. Destiny tells you if we own a book and if it is available for check-out Use the call slips located near the computer to write down the name of the book and the call number. Use the call slip to locate the item on the shelves
You can check your personal account or access MyQuest by logging in with your Student ID number. Remember, your password is your birthdate
You can also use Destiny to recommend books for purchase and to write reviews Checking out books! You must have your Student ID to check out materials. Lost ID's can be replaced at the Media Center for $3.00
You can check out 2 books and 1 magazine
Overdue items mean you can't check out new materials until the overdue item is renewed or returned
Books are checked out for 3 weeks and magazines for 1 week
Items can be renewed by bringing your ID and book or magazine to the media center
Items can be requested for you by media center staff And finally, we are here to help you. If you have any questions, need a book recommendation, or can't figure out the best resource for your information needs, just ASK! Welcome back, Cougars!
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