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The function of the nail.....

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becky kefford

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of The function of the nail.....

The function of the nail.....
The function of the nails
Nail structure...
The growth of the nail....
Did you know...
Normal nail growth for fingernails is 3-4mm per month and they take at least 3-6 months to replace if damaged.
Toenails grow more slowly being 1-2mm per month and take at least 12-18 months to replace after damage.
1. what is the function of the nail?
2. What is the cuticle made up of?
3. Can you name 3 parts of the nail?
The only living part of the nail. Any damage to the matrix is irreparable. The matrix is where the nail grows from. The matrix is also where new nail cells are formed.
Nail bed
This lies below the nail plate. It contains the blood vessels and nerve endings. The nail bed supplies nutrients to the matrix.
Half-moon part of the nail. It has no real function. Creates the shape of the nail. The white colour is pale due to reduced blood supply.
Can you see yours?
A layer of epidermis found under the free edge. Protects against infection of the nail bed.
Bottom part of the nail seal. It moves forward with the nail plate as it grows. It also protects the matrix from infection.
Nail wall
Side of the nail, fleshy part. Protects the edges of the nail plate.
Protects the matrix. The cuticle is dead skin.
The nail plate
The main part of the nail. This is made up of layers of dead keratinised cells. Protects fingers and toes, which also have a network of sensory nerve endings.
What do you think the main function of the nail is???
Cell mitosis takes place at the matrix.
New cells pushed forward by constant cell reproduction
Cells undergo hardening/keratinisation
Growing nail is guided along nail grooves/side wall
Free edge forms at the distal part of the finger.
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