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BCIG 2017 Cullington


Helen Cullington

on 4 July 2017

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Transcript of BCIG 2017 Cullington

Cochlear implant care: putting patients in charge
Randomised controlled trial of remote care
Helen Cullington
Next steps ...
clinical roll out in Southampton Autumn 2017
portable microphone tester
beginning remote care with children and parents

“This is great I hope I do not lose this facility after the trial finishes”
“There are a lot of very interesting features, eg rehab and information that I will definitely use in the future”
“First a whopping big thank you for the SoundSuccess. It fits so much with many of the thoughts I’ve been having.”
“the CIRCA software. I chose Using the Telephone as my first goal … Finally I must say how thrilled I was just to be able to pick up the telephone receiver without outright panic. I haven’t lifted a receiver for some 40 years or so”
“I have been using the enhanced controls to adjust my processor as I go along … The adjustments help me to carry on rather than withdraw from a hearing situation”
“I have been altering my implant quite successfully then doing a hearing test”
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