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about the life cycle of horses, and their reproduction.

patriya piyawiroj

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Horses

Horses Introduction to horses.
Horses are in the equids and mammal group. Equid comes from equine, which is a horse group.
Ponies and zebras are also in this group. How good it feels to be born. Still not born?? horses are mammals They give live birth. No egg or something. Here are the basics on horses
Hope you enjoy horses are animals which are always hunted, so when they are newly born, they are in risk of being eaten, or killed, for the foal cannot run too well

So horses [ do something specail special : BY:
Piyawiroj This presentation will show the life cycle of the horse, and the life stages that it goes through. Here's the plan. Wait. Before that.... Horses are really fast runners, and they can stand up at the minute they are born. Okay, once again... How long do they stay in there? There has to be a limit. So... What do they do they do??
So now when the baby now exists in it's parents body, it will have to stay in there. What does that mean? Well, the foal will grow, and develop, and teach itself things in the dark gloomy whatever you call THE place. So tah-dah! When the colt or filly comes out, it can roam around, and run everywhere, and is ready for the unexpected. Is this fairer The maximum number of months that the baby horse
will be able to stay in THE place is around approximately eleven months, I'd say. Oh, yes. Baby horses are called foals. The male foals are reffered to as colts.
The female version of foals can be called fillies. This idea that horses have used for
generations has a big afffect, also because... This concludes chapter one , the very begginning. Finally born! chapter 2 Intro
Congratulations the foal is born. Unlike insects or amphibians,
horses (mammals) don't lay eggs but when the foal comes out, it
comes out just as it is. Kind of like us. This is very unrelevant, but see this notice, and stop the slaughter of horses. Be against it. Please.They trusted you. They cared
for you and did their best for you, and you throw them away like garbage. Their future relies on you. Please help them. Now this is the real begginning of a foal's life. Now the foal will have to grow up into a certain type of horse either one of these, or another type of horse. After all, there are so many breeds!!! Over 300 breeds can be found. bibliography
Head Markings:

A narrow white mark, which runs down the face from the forehead.

White Muzzle:
A white mark, which covers one or both of the lips and proceeds up to the nostrils.

A broad white marking down the face, extending over the nose

White marking between the nostrils, sometimes extending into the nostrils. Horses may have a snip and star combination. Star
A white marking on the forehead. Horses may have a star and snip combination.
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