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How effective is my promotional campaign?

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katie fisch

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of How effective is my promotional campaign?

How effective is my promotional campaign?
I need to consider all three parts of my promotional campaign including the website, digipak and music video to assess if they have been effective or not.

In addition to the music video, visual images are also a key aspect of the marketing strategy
Richard Dyer - Matter of Images
How we are seen determines how we are treated, how we treat others is based on how we see them, how we see them comes from representation'.
This quote represents on how star image is perceived and therefore determine how their target audience will see the band. For example, in a rock band, the target audience might focus on tattoos and piercings so portray their rock image.

Negus says 'pop music videos as a promotional tool'. This quote is referring to the fact that the star image is used to 'brand' the product. The branding is then used by the industry to create a product for target audiences and other audiences for a range of genres and music styles. Christ Anderson calls this the 'long tail theory'.
Cd's are specifically made to conform to the conventions that will portray messages about the band. When considering our digipak and website for the band as part of our marketing campaign, we took into account the brand image and the purpose of why and how the bands star image is being presented. Marketing is defined as 'human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes' by Philip Kotler. We wanted there to be unity across each of our media campaign products so our audiences were aware that they were all promoting the sale of the album.
The star image i chose to portray for my band in the digipak, website and music video is that of being an organic band who are all life long friends of which they have shared many positive and negative memories which they share with their target audience. Their target audience is from the ages of 15 to 30. We would accept the audience to associate the band with the independent rock star image, not too rebellious as they also come under the genre of pop rock. Therefore, audiences can identify The Fyres with other bands such as The Script, One Republic and Maroon 5. We were able to compare these artists as we successfully match the star images. Furthermore, we also compared our colour schemes to bands as such, including black, white, grey and a hint of red (in the digipak), These colours feature in the digipak, website and the music video as they represent the negativity and order of the rock genre, therefore, this would connect to the VALS of my target audience, for example, rebels. Additionally, we applied the convention of a 'trademark' by creating a symbolic image of our band, which is a spelling 'fire' with a 'Y' instead of an 'I'. This lets the audience see the band as organic, unique and independent which is shown on the digipak, website and music video. This appeals to the 'innovator' VAL as it is something the band has provided to make their target audience and other audiences remember them in the future. It is something to symbolise the band as a whole to portray their true star image of being organic.
The album would be distributed both physically and digitally through sources such as Spotify, Itunes and Amazon. The album has the potential to be released at any point during the year as The Fyres do not worry about any distractions, for examples, other concerts or festivals at the time of release as all they are focusing on is the music getting out to the public and the fans. Adverts would also be placed on YouTube before a clip officially starts of a similar artist such as The National and Biffy Clyro. In addition, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat would play a big role in advertising the album as it would target the majority of our target audience as the age is 15-30 who seem to use social media the most. By sharing and liking posts, this would create hype for the band. The band may also feature in some magazines such as Rolling Stone and DRUM! which are music and rock magazines also selling their star image allowing a further generation for hype. Websites such as The Sun or The Daily Mail would be able to publicise the band for digital purposes as they can include videos and pictures as well as text about the band, this would be popular for the younger generation and therefore create a more wide spread target audience.
Mike Masnick
'if you give an audience a reason to connect, they will pay'
Our use of social media websites such as Spotify will able audiences to pay to stream and access unlimited amounts of music produced by bands. However, 75% of 400,000,000 of Spotify users use the free version which plays adverts and does not give the user as much freedom with the app. By being on Spotify, the band will gain audiences over a range of locations, and across countries as they will be featured on similar artists Spotify pages. Therefore, by gaining new audiences, more people will want to see them live by listening to them more.
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