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The Thai Flag

No description

Thanacha Thanunmanee

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Thai Flag

Colours and Meaning The Thai flag has 3 colours which are red, blue and white.
Red means Thailand’s nation or sometimes blood and life.
White is for Thailand’s main religion.
Blue stand for Thailand’s royal family.
The blue was added in when the world war I started. Interesting facts 1)The flag’s Thai name is Thong Trairong.
2)The flag’s colours mean nation, religion and king.
3)The Thai motto is Nation, Religion, King which came from the flag colours. By Prae Y6L The Thai Flag History The official Thai flag is a white elephant with a plain red background, it was created in 1855.
Thailand’s flag was from being a plain red flag to a horizontal red, white, blue, white and red striped flag. King’s Flag There is also another flag for the king that is yellow with a symbol in the middle.
It is the colour of Monday because it is his birthday.
You might see it around places that have the Thai flag but the king’s flag will be lower or next to each other. Thank You Hope you enjoyed and learnt something new!
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