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Sosyal İzci Sunum


Yapay Teknoloji

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Sosyal İzci Sunum

Sosyal İzci
Business&Development Model

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Sosyal İzci

Sentiment Analysis
Thank you
What is sentiment analysis ?
- As service provider
Analyze will be done in sosyalizci side then outputs(reports,results etc. ) send back to the company

Project status
Development&Test is completed
Pilot process on Android ( but not publised on play store for now)
Future plans
Multi languages support (en) (5/2014)
More resource search capability
Comparison ability
Sosyal İzci overcomes all above requirements

Tracks the given subject in social media like tweeter and facebook.
Decides if the comment is positive,negative or neutral.
Can learn in time.
Includes alert mechanism, might send an e-mail if defined.
Reports the analyze result
Our Product: Sosyal İzci
Status & Future Plans
A basic task in sentiment analysis is classifying the polarity of a given text at the document,sentence or feature.
Machine learning and NLP methods used for text analysis.

Leading firms want to follow social media to know what do people talk about themselves and what do they feel about their brand.
Keep of bad promotion before it is widely spread.
Reporting necessity with the analyze results.
Our Advantages
Strong Turkish language processing algorithm
Location based analysis and report
Not just reports, also has action mechanism
Responsive design, compatible screen with smart phones and tablets

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Consists of 4 people
A small but strong team
Found 2012
Study Areas
NLP (natural language processing)
Machine learning
Sentiment Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Personal Virtual (Ordering) Assistant
Dahi fulfills wishes of users by understanding what they are naturally said
Yapay Technology
Social media or any given material analyzed

* Entries with star means future project
Subject given
Analyze Results

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