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MLA Style

Demonstration of a MLA style paper with instructions and tips for Finlandia Students!

Maki Library

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of MLA Style

MLA Modern Language Association Style for writing research papers
Used for Humanities & Literature and Language
Used by Universities, Professors & Students
Professional Journals and magazines
Followed in Countries worldwide MLA

Mechanics of writing: puncuation, abbreviations, use of quotations and capitilization
Format of the research paper: headings, page numbers, margins, etc
Documentations (references): citing within the text, citing at the end of the paper (bilibography, MLA uses "Works Citied"

Step 1: Set up your paper with Page setup
Setting up your margins
One inch margins on all sides Set up indentation and spacing,
also no spaces after paragraph
Tab is already set at .5" Choose Font and font size Sample paper First Page Class information goes
on the top left hand corner

Notice the way to write a date
in MLA (day month year)

Do NOT underline, italize or
use different font for heading*

*Unless you have a book title
(italize) or poem, song (quotes)
Create your heading Choose blank header
in upper left hand corner
Enter your last name
a space
then insert page number
Your header will continue throughout your paper Second Page In Text Citations For the first citation, the US dept of health is listed in the paranthesis because it is not mentioned in the sentence. If you talk about the source in the sentence then you just need the page number. the same is true for an author, if you mention the author's name in the sentence then you just need the page number
Notice the citation is within the sentence with puncuation after A longer quote
does not need quotation marks or the page number
Note that the author is mentioned in the preceding sentence and the use of a colon before the quote The quote is
2 tabs in and
is justified
no indentations Page 3 Works Cited page First step of Work Cited page is to
Set up your hanging indentation Creating your hanging
indentation will keep your citations neat
and take out the guess work Works cited page
1. Alphabetize by first entry
(whether it is a last name or
the article title)
2.Source is italized, source
also includes volume number and issue
3. Format is noted
4. date style
5. Notice that second author's name is in Firstname lastname order and middle intials are used This is the volume number and a period
followed by the issue number Click on the little arrow in the
box in the lower left hand corner
to access page layout Click on the Page Layout tab Choose the Insert tab
to format header Note that there is
a difference in citing
a PDF file vs. electronic journal
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