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Dangers of static electricity

No description

jacob henning

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Dangers of static electricity

Jacob and rob The dangers of static electricity Static electricity Static electricity is built up from electrical charges in an object and when negative electrons transfer to and are held in an insulator. When these discharge quickly from one object to another, a shock is present. Typically shocks from static electricity are mild, however, there are instances when shocks from static can cause real injuries. Petrol Stations A build up of static on a person can cause this energy to quickly discharge when they near a grounded object such as a pump which is connected to ground by the oil

This can ignite petrol during a refill at the tank in unfortunate cases and is worsened by fleeces, smoking and long hair that are good at picking up electrons as they are insulators. Question! What do you think is the most dangerous
thing about static electricity and why? Dangers to electrical equipment In computers and electrical equipment circuits and wiring are designed to be conductive enough to transmit a certain amount of electrical energy.

When building, repairing or working on electrical products the build uip of static electricity can be very costly.

When any circuitry is touched the electricity could be discharged and cause higher levels of electrical energy to break the circuit meaning said component or sometimes whole system could be broken. Powders Other issues with static are that fine powders like custard powder or flour when they come in contact can go up in fire like the in video clip
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