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Sports Centered

How sports have changed over time

Ricardo Hernandez

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Sports Centered

Sports Centered How sports have changed over time. It is logical that through inflation the paycheck of athletes would rise but because of an extreme rise they have been more focused on the money than on the actual game. Logos Weiner uses a lot of questions to trigger our own opinions about his subjects and get us involved with the writing as we read. He constantly keeps us thinking. He uses slang to relate to the audience. He uses idioms to add to his description. He paints a bleak picture about sports . Diction The author makes the reader question modern sports. Where money and fortune become the biggest factor, and not the love of the sport itself. Mood Ethos Weiner is trying to express the thought that people should not just play sports to have a chance of going pro and making fat stacks of cash through sponsors and ridiculously high pay checks but because of the love for sports. He compares the world of past sports with that of the present's and you see the greater affect money has had on sports and the less ethical the players have become. Analysis The author, Jay Weiner, is stating that sports nowadays are ran like a business, where teams are controlling athletes, and an athletes' skill can determine his pay. Why Jay Weiner? The concept of sports have changed over time but not by the changing of rules but rather by the greed and lust for money. What is Ethos? Ethos is the ethical appeal or the credibility of a person that writes a certain piece and feels srongly about the subject which he is writing about. What Is Logos? Logos is the logic reasoning which the author was using while writing his piece and how he felt it connected with with the point he was trying to make. What was the mood? The mood throughout this piece was a disappointed because the author would prefer a long gone era of sports where the players cared for the sport and not for sponsors and money. Homework Write a short paragraph analyzing Weiner's argument about sports and how you feel about it. Do you agree or disagree. What Is Diction The writers distinctive choice of vocabulary to express and support a certain point or idea, mostly imagery of figurative language. Sports are now a kind of propaganda; giving students scholarships, getting sponsors for teams and arenas, having television commercials air during games, and over exaggeration on the price of tickets.
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