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Neha Pramod

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of The ASPCA

Established by Henry Bergh
On April 10, 1866
It was founded in Russia
Located in New York City
Their Mission: To provide effective means for the prevention of animal cruelty throughout the USA
Who, what, where?
They are often given away to abusers
71% of the time they are abandoned right after they are adopted
10% of the time allergies cause a pet to be abandoned.
people are cruel to animals for one reason only: they can get away with it
ASPCA wants to stop them, so animals are cruelty free
Animals are defenseless and do nothing to hurt us.
Last year
adopted 2,730 animals
neutered 12,000 animals
donated 27 million within the U.S.
And also donate overseas
Why Animals are Abused?
Where does the money go?
Money provide a safe shelter and fund research for the animals
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
saves thousands in America and around the world
comes from public and private donors
you can donate used cars for the animals
The Bergh Ball hosts celebrities for awareness and donation
How do they earn the money?

New Albany Middle school should donate to the ASPCA because it donates locally, is credible, and gives the animals a second chance to love, trust and live again.
Was abandoned in a lonely house after a burglary.
Was later adopted by Keith F. a former tech at ASPCA hospital.
Was hit by a car in December and was left there to die
After he was found he began to loose oxygen and turn blue , and he also dislocated his left hip.
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