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Reflection on the Xaverian Brothers

No description

Bobby Nichols

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Reflection on the Xaverian Brothers

Reflection On The Xaverian Brothers
For this reflection, you must watch the video,
“Description of the Charism - Don't Let The Flame Go Out”
and at least two (2) other videos of your choosing. This one-and-a-half page reflection is open-ended, as you are free to respond to anything that you found interesting. That being said, the reflection should articulate that you have watched the videos, and should include at least 2 quotes.
Once complete, students are to upload a PDF file of the paper to Schoology.

As you watch, you might want to consider the following questions to guide your reflection:
What does it mean to live out your Christianity? What does it mean for you to live out your faith?
How can you live a life that doesn’t “let the flame go out”?
How do you react to the challenges that the other Xaverian Brothers face around the world?
What does it mean for you to live an ordinary life?
What do the insights of the Xaverian Brothers add to your own perspective of the world?
What does it mean for you to be a member of the church?
How do you see the Xaverian Brothers share their giftedness with the world? How do you share your giftedness?
How can you “leave the familiar, the comfortable, to go throughout the world to teach all peoples”?
Please be sure to reference the rubric for the complete details of the assignment.
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