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Human Person As Embodied Spirit

No description

ella ana

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Human Person As Embodied Spirit

Lesson Outline Week #1
(Day 1) Discuss the 8 Dimensions of Human Person using PPT
(Day 2) Continue the discussion with the topic "Man in the context of his nature" using a PPT
IV. Enrichment
DAY 3 - Activity is assigned on Day 2 and to be shared on the class the next day (sharing can be by groups, triads, whatever!)
Journal entry of "Who am I". Could be Essay or COLLAGE
Song reflect "Who am I"
Pose these statements for brainstorming by groups or pair or triads. Then they'll share answers to the class and be critique by the classmates:
... continuation of Instruction
(DAY 6) Present St. Thomas Aquinas idea that Man is substantially body and soul.

Day 7 -Practice
Day 8 - Practice for the "DANCE - POETRYU OF EMBODIED SPIRIT. Rubrics will be used in evaluationg.
Day 9 Presentation.
Other forms of Evaluation
Slideshow presentation of living up a Purposeful life
Create a Venn Diagram on Aristotle and Aquinas assertion on Human Being as Embodied Spirit
Human Person As Embodied Spirit
Showing a video clip.
Choose between the given video(hyperlink id provided in the MS Word Copy)
Process the learners’ reaction on the video clip; leading them to the idea of the limits of our body.

• Review of past lessons
• Reading of the objectives
• Unlocking of words

(you may see the PPT at "slideshare.com - uploaded by MegAeze. Though there are others PPt available if you want to. BUT screen it first, some have erroneous information)
No Evaluation Yet.
Topic is not finished.
You may record the enrichment activity, if you want to,
after all it is a form of assessment
Review of the previous topic. Recall the terms used using the LAP-CLAP-SNAP
(lap-clap-snap-NAME; lap-clap-snap-ANSWER pattern.
‘The complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions in a living creature, the end of life” ... Or is it?
Is the mind the same thing as the soul?

day 4
Or let the learners share how they nourish their body and soul
Let the discussion to the idea that man is a tripartite human Being, using a PPT
(DAY 5) Discuss the Aristotle Stoic Issue of Soul with a PPT in
PPT links are available in the MS WORD Copy
Let the students created a graphic organizer of Man as Embodied Spirit by group.
Groupings and answer on a Manila Paper. Gallery walk.
But why did St. Thomas call the soul in man substance?
When the soul animates the body, does it make the body also a substance?
Presenting a Video of Soul-Body-Spirit Purpose of life.
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