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Dato Bahaman

No description

tin fung Chong

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Dato Bahaman

Dato Bahaman
~ In order to be considered as hero, one has to
contribute to a cause without expecting material

~ Dato Bahaman initiated the rebellion mainly because
he can no longer collect tax from his own territory.

~ His cause for justice is not noble but merely
for material gain.
Life After War
~Retreated to Siam with his followers
~Returned to Kuantan in 1920 and
changed his name to Lebai Deraman.
~Stayed in Kampung Peramu until he
Semantan War

Protecting the “Malay Identity”
against British Colonialism in the Semantan War
1) Datuk Bahaman was disallowed to collect tax in Temerloh

2) British officer E.A. Wise set up a police station without
permission in Lubuk Terua
Dato Bahaman won the battle against Hugh Clifford and Tengku
Mahmud in Kampung Kelubi.
The rebels remained victorious until
June 1894.
1. Leading Troops during Civil Wars

2. Protecting the “Malay Identity”
against British Colonialism in
the Semantan War
Leading Troops during
Civil Wars
~awarded the title Dato' Setia Perkasa Pahlawan
Semantan in the civil war between
Sultan Ahmad and Wan Muhathir.

~helping Tengku Kudin in the
civil war in Klang, Selangor
The Semantan War ended in 1894 when troops led by Gen. Walker ambushed the rebels led by Dato Bahaman himself.
C.E.M Deaborough was attacked at Semantan River and escaped to the city of
Definition of a "Hero"
1. Engage in cases voluntarily
2. Conduct services people of the community
3. Risk physical safety, social stature or quality of life for the
good of others.
4. Initiate a cause without expectation of personal gain
So, is Dato Bahaman
a National Hero?
Evidence 1

~ According to Malaysian historians, Dato Bahaman and his
people defeated the British during the uprising.

~ According to foreign sources, the British crushed the Malay
Rebellion led by Dato Bahaman in 1891.

~ The “official” history of Malaysia is written to elevate the status of Dato’ Bahaman and his cause in legitimizing the state of Pahang as a place of independence, and to praise the Malay fighting spirit; whereas the outsider’s account of it is completely different.
Evidence 2
Evidence 3
~ Sultan summoned Dato Bahaman to investigate his dissatisfaction with the British but instead of resolving the issue peacefully, Dato Bahaman refused to follow Sultan's order.

~ He was discharged as Orang Kaya and declared war with
the British and the Sultan out of anger.

~ He acted on impulse and did not consider "the greater good"
We concluded that Dato Bahaman is
a National hero.
Dato Bahaman
~ Original name: Abdul Rahman bin Imam Noh
~ Famous Malay Warrior
good in "Silat"
known as "Seman Tahan"
~ Given a title of "Orang Besar Raja"
~ Launched the Semantan War against British
in 1891 when local leaders' right to collect tax
was challenged
~ Ambushed by Gen. Walker in 1894 and lost

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