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Copy of The Crusades

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Krysta Cady

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Crusades

This is a map of The Final Crusades. The Final Crusades were from 1217 to 1272 and were first led by King Andrew II of Hungary. King Andrew II failed his attempt to capture the Holy Land. Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire led The Sixth Crusade. Frederick II succeeded in reclaiming it but right after he recaptured it, Jerusalem was plagued by the Civil War.
Jerusalem never did fall under the Christian-rule again but that didn't stop the Crusaders from trying.
Central Asia was held by the Persians, Arabs, and Byzantines. In the 11th century, the Seljuk Turks captured this land and made their own Muslim empire.
This map shows where Jerusalem is located and its neighbors. Jerusalem sits right in the middle of three major continents. The Holy Land (Jerusalem) also borders the Mediterranean Sea where major artery of conquest and trade take place.
The Crusades
The Children's Crusade started in 1212 right after the Fourth Crusade. The expedition was led by two groups from Europe. This journey was made to recapture the Holy Land.
Traveling by land and sea, the Crusaders captured Muslim fortresses, towns, and laid early successes. They even claimed Jerusalem.
During the Crusades, a great warrior named Saladin stepped forward to try to take the Holy Land.
Saladin was a success in capturing the Holy Land but another great warrior stood up and also wanted the Holy Land

His name was Richard the Lionheart. This great warrior fought against Saladin for the holy land. A little more than a month after Richard the Lionheart set foot on the Holy Land, Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders.
Richard the Lionheart
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