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Courtney Mangino

No description

Courtney Mangino

on 2 September 2017

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Transcript of Courtney Mangino

Courtney Mangino
30 AUGUST 2017
Paddle Sports Center
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Fraser Kersey, Co-Owner
Part One
Description of Agency:
: Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara was established in
by Mark Olson at 100 State Street and began offering water-sport equipment rentals along the Santa Barbara Coast. In
Paddle Sports was purchased by Mark Hyatt. In
PS moved from 100 State Street to its current location at 117 B Harbor Way (the Santa Barbara Harbor). In
three Paddle Sports employees established Channel Islands Outfitters and bought Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara from Mark Hyatt. In
the Adventure Co-op was started in the SB Harbor and after a name change it is now the Paddle Sports Center Membership Program. Channel Islands Outfitters opened up a second Paddle Sports Center location at Goleta Beach in
. In
Channel Islands Outfitters became one of the first service company B Corps in the world. For the next five years Channel Islands Outfittes ran guided adventure tours on the Channel Islands but in
CIO no longer offers excursions to the Channel Islands National Park and now it is just the Paddle Sports Center with two locations, Santa Barbara harbor and Goleta Beach. The retail store and the majority of rentals all take place at the harbor location.
Mission and Purpose
"Our mission is to provide convenient and affordable access to paddle sports equipment so that more people can gain an appreciation and love for the ocean."
Paddle Sports Center is a
Benefit Corporation
, or
B Corp
, meets strict environmental and social requirements and is legally required to fulfila specific benefit purpose. Specifically CIO and Paddle Sports Center
benefit purpose is to save the oceans and natural places
. This means that every decision the CIO Board of Directors makes must benefit our stakeholders.
Administrative Organization & Personnel:
Entry level position. Responsible for providing amazing customer service to all customers and visitors to the Paddle Sports Center; providing clients with informative and meaningful experiences. Daily tasks includes things like sizing equipment, demonstrating proper paddling techniques, loading kayaks, opening/closing shop, cleaning the shop and launching paddlers from the docks.
General Staff:
In order to be promoted to General Staff, Intens must complete and pass an Employee Evaluation Exam after working a minimum of 120 hours. General Staff have the same requirements of an intern, but with more responsibility. Tasks include training Interns, performing maintenance and equipment, daily inventory, responding to phone and email inquiries, and scheduling rentals and classes.
Assisant Manager:
To be promoted to the Assistant Manager position, an opening must first be available and the employee must have worked for no less than 1,000 hours. If employee is eligible for promotion, he/she must compete and pass the Assistant Manager Evaluation Exam prior to promotion. Assistant Manager has the same requirements of General Staff and Interns with additional job duties at any time. For example, quarterly inventory counts and ordering, managing general staff and interns, scheduling staff, training staff, aiding in memberhsip accounts, keeping back-stock clean, marketing all damged equipment and fixing any broken gear or equipment.
Member Relations Director:
Salary Pay.

This position is intended to fulfill Member Acquisition, Retention, Communications, and Event Coordination. This position is held for someone on salary pay and holds more of a focused role with the membership program and overall marketing.
General Manager:
The PSC General Manager duty is to oversee all operations and positions at the Paddle Sports Center. This position is held by Fraser Kersey, a co-owner.
Membership only events:
These are things like full moon paddles which take place every full moon, after the shop is closed to regular walk-in rentals. These nights are a lot of fun because our members are experienced paddlers and we have nice relationships with the majority of our members. It is a lot of fun to get on the water and enjoy the moon. Some other membership only events include beach side BBQs and sunset paddles. These did not take place this summer though, just the full moon paddles.
Kids Camp:
Programs cont.
Paddle Sports Center uses their website, social media and the occasional flyer in the shop to inform the public, and our members about events like kids camp, members only events and retail sales.
The facilities include the shop on the harbor, it is a retail setting with two large open doors on either side, which are easily accessible to people with disabilities. From the shop if customers are renting our equipment they launch from the docks which are a quick two minute walk from the shop, also accessible to people with disabilities. Getting in and out of the kayaks and/or on to or off of the paddleboards is somewhat of a struggle for people depending on age and agility. You have to deal with a bit of a drop from the docks into your kayak and vice versa exiting your kayak.
I do not have access to the agency's budget but I do know this season was different than the past 7+ years because of the deal with no longer being able to offer excursions out of the Channel Islands National Park. Those excursions accounted for 60% of the business's overall income so that has taken a hit on the seasonal income. The main sources of income now come from daily rentals, monthly memberships, gaining new members, rentals at the Goleta location and any used equipment we sell, for example we have been selling a lot of our used SUPs. There is also an income from the retail in the shop which is comprised of tshirts, sweatshirts, leggings, bathing suits, beach blankets, sunscreens, wetsuit tops, sunglasses, stickers and keychains along with some kayak and SUP gear. Contrarily the retail in the harbor shop is also a part of the expenditures. Expenses include taxes and rent on the location, being in the harbor is a high price to pay, paying all employees, regular monthly bills, insurance, purchasing new equipment when necessary and regular upkeep for the shop. In addition PSC makes donations to organizations that support clean oceans and protecting the planet. The donations are in the form of rentals or retail items, PSC does not write checks for donations. Overall this summer season has been slow for PSC so income is lower than usual.
Part Two
Analysis of the Agency
Areas of Improvement:
Agency personnel consider some problem areas to be the seasonal aspect of the business for two reasons, one being the staffing and the second being the income and foot traffic. With busy summer seasons there are more staff and then in the fall people tend to leave, which leads to turnovers and a lot of new hires. Additionally the quiet season in the winter makes business very slow because tourists are gone and locals don't want to go paddling in the "cold" even though it does not get that cold from a New Englander's perspective. Also with the slower summer season this year and the Channel Islands no longer operating, sales in general have been down.
Staff Meetings:
There weren't very many staff meetings during my time at Paddle Sports Center. The one that was held at the beginning of the summer covered topics like gear and equipment maintenance, updating staff on the new changes in the shop, informing staff on the upcoming agenda as far as both owners being in and out of the shop throughout the summer for things like a first baby and a big move to Hawaii. Furthermore just what we could all expect for the summer ahead as well as what they expected from us.
Personal Critique
The major programs I attended were the weeks of kids camp and the full moon members only events. These programs were relatively successful but I do think there is a lot of room for improvement. It often seemed like there was not a lot of planning or effective marketing behind the events. They are pretty established events so people generally already know about them but we are also gaining new members every day and they often do not know about these programs. There is definitely room for a better marketing plan or a chance for new ideas to make these programs more organize and appealing to new customers. For example the kids camp was very disorganized with very little structure. I would have more set plans in place for each day of camp along with a more efficient way to check kids in and out for the day. For the members only events I would start by having the majority of the members follow PSC on instagram and create a more effective social media presence where new posts are going up every other day about the happenings in the shop. This would generate more buzz about the business and get members in the doors more often. Also I think members only events would have a hire attendance rate if more members were aware of them. I think we need to generate a way to get constructive feedback from members to be able to make effective changes and increase numbers.
In my opinion the facilities were designed very strategically and support an efficient flow through the shop as well as the docks. Everything is designed to make the customers experience as easy as possible. From digital waiver forms on iPads, to timekeeping bracelets, clean and organized gear and readily accessible equipment. Likewise the shop is kept very clean with regular maintenance on equipment and gear.
All of the materials used at Paddle Sports Center like brochures, websites and training materials are all very well written. Each piece is thorough and reader friendly. The website has recently been redone which came out awesome and the layout is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.
Analysis of the Agency cont.
outside of agency
training manual
we filled these out after a change in PFD rules
training checklist
Front page of General Staff Exam
Special Project on Company Website
Blog Post
Sign up fifty new college aged members.
I was not successful with this goal because we did shift our plans regarding targeting college students. We identified a few dilemmas in recruiting college students like their limited finances, and the fact that a local university offers similar services for a special student rate. I will say Paddle Sports definitely gained over 50 members this summer though.
Gain 100 new instagram followers.
This was a team effort by all of the workers with access to the company’s instagram account but this was a successful and definitely a realistic goal. We did this by posting more photos that pertained to the events and sales going on in the shop. This paired with effective hashtags and following local accounts are two tactics that definitely aided in reaching this goal.
Grow Facebook presence through more frequent postings and active followers.
Although the Facebook presence has not grown too much we have made major upgrades and additions the Paddle Sports Center webpage including my special project, the corporate wellness plans as well as new blog postings.
Personally I want to get seven positive customer reviews for Paddle Sports Center on Google reviews.
I will admit when one of our lead workers left at the end of July the push for Google reviews faded pretty quickly. That being said I am on their a few times which is a really nice feeling. I do not like to ask people to write reviews even though we are sometimes advised to do so to promote the business. I prefer to see it happen more organically because a customer genuinely wants to write something nice.

Part Three
Goals Cont.
Speed up my accuracy and improve overall abilities on company computers and applications so I no longer feel dependent on other employees.

I most definitely fulfilled this goal. I am very confident on the computers and very rarely do I need to ask for assistance from a more experienced staff member. There has even been a big improvement in a new version of our previous software and I have been able to keep up and on knowledgeable of new changes. I have even assisted the new staff with training them to be comfortable with the software.
Successfully share Paddle Sports Center business plan and membership program to two new paddle companies in coastal California.
This was a very early on discussion I had with my supervisor but as the summer progressed this was no longer a priority for the company so I will say this objective lost its relevance.
Aid in the growing membership operations to expand to more companies by building a plan that can be adopted by several paddle companies to connect paddlers along the coast.
Similarly this objective was along the same goals as my previous objective and with that it, too lost its relevance. I do know the software was upgraded in early August and more rental companies are starting to get on board with the system my supervisors created. That being said I did not realize how over my head this whole process was and therefore I was not able to be of much assistance in this department.
Personally begin to identify what my next step is going to be for my future career. I will measure this by applying to five jobs by mid August.
Yes! I recently applied to a position with EF Education First it is a company in Cambridge, MA that plans and cultivates learning experiences across the globe. The position would be for an Educational Tour Consultant which would be very cool. I have a phone interview tomorrow morning so I am very excited. If this doesn’t work out though I think I will continue to search for jobs in the Boston area focused around travel and/or helping others through events and adventure.
Expand my LinkedIn connections by 100 by the end of the summer. I am currently about 50% of the way to reaching my goal.
I did indeed expand my LinkedIn connections by ALMOST 100. I am still proud of myself and feel good about the connections I have made. As the saying goes “quality over quantity.” I am grateful for my experience here in Santa Barbara because I now have connections on both coasts which is something I was hoping for by the end of the summer.
Create positive and memorable experiences for all guests I have a part in getting on the water and learning to paddle.
I believe 95% of the people I help get on the water paddling each day are happy with their experience at Paddle Sports Center. I have had such a cool experience getting to work in a tourism destination that attracts people from all different cultural backgrounds. It has definitely taught me a lot about effect communication.

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