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My Carrer

If you want me to more careers just put them in the comments. Owh, and this is an Art Career i did.

Maria Martinez

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of My Carrer

By: Maria Martinez
My Career
High Schools
These schools like these have the most amazing classes.
My Career: Story Artist or Teacher For Art
High school classes
Pics if you can see them

There is allot of things recommended but not all needed for the area of art.
Post secondary training
Formal training
Difficult to become skilled if not already
a storyteller
a filmmaker
an actor
an editor
a cinematographer
(I’ll say it anyway) art
Skills and training needed
Degrees Needed
Some are not that recommend
Bachelor's Degree
Master's degree in fine arts.
Certificate in the specialty or to an associate's
You don't have that many.
Go down deeper
High School
Spalding High School
Savannah Arts Academy
Davidson FineArts
Carver High School Of Art
Fun Fact
There is no date when art started because it goes way, way back.
Pictures like this and the other ones are amazing because like this video.
sculpture and photography
industrial design
fashion design
graphic design

Art classes
Fine Art
new genres and styles
(fine arts) it is a class any way
architectural styles
conceptualize designs
University of Georgia
Georgia State University
Agnes Scott College
Bauder College
Emory University
Georgia Southern University
The more you work the higher position you go in
You only need one or two degrees for this field occupation
Average Artist

Did you know that an average artist will get less paid in GA than most other states.
Month- 7,999.2
& Why
websites I used- Google
- Jobs For You
- Google Map
I find it creative and a way to express myself. It makes you money fast and easy by what I like doing best. I want to inspire people like they inspired me.
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