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2010 Franchise Convention

New Marketing Roll-out

Abby Koehler

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of 2010 Franchise Convention

2010 City Wide Maintenance Franchise Convention The New Message New Tag Line/Descriptor

New Positioning

Why Change? Research

What our audience said

What our owners said Inconsistent Message
Brand does not refelect City Wide's true competetive advantages
Brand does not convey a modern look
Many of perceived challenges are not top of mind with customers New Focus Business Model Advantages Research found Our Current Clients Our Tagline We're not Janitors, We're Great Managers
You Can't Manage Without Us
We save our clients TIME
Let us help you save time and stress
Total Solution for Facility Services
We save you time and frustraion, so you can focus on what you do best; running your business Excellent Service
Always in Contact
I don't have to manage it myself
They're one step ahead of me
Took a while to realize more than just janitorial Prospects Not sure what CW does
Question if they're spread too thin
Provider should think beyond minimum-be
a problem solver
Cost is now even more of an issue than before
Sub/contractors/vendors not an issue-just want
job done Our current message One stop shop-sometimes confuses them
City Wide Logo is good...no need to change
We save them time-intangible till we are vendor
"You can't manage without us" - seems arrogant
20+ Building Maintenance Solutions.
1 Point of Contact. Focus on our business model One-call solution
Expertise of contractors
Responsiveness, communication
Management Streamline Tag line
Sub-contractor relationship
Overall message The Fun Stuff New Color Darker red
Same brand awarenes Updated look New PRint Pieces Digital Generic Template Landing Page Template New Monthly Email Template Stationary Business Cards Use of new Color Updated Design Building | Maintenance | Solutions Mailing Label Timeline When will the new items be available?

What will the cost be?

How long will the change take? We plan on offering New printed materials as of June Email Template will begin in June The prices will stay very competetive and similar to the current price scale We will continue to use printed materials
currently in stock Over the Next year or two, as cities feel comfortable,
they can begin to incorporate in the new materials Email Signature One & One: A New Playbook Nothing but Net Industry Specific Slicks Name Updates Quality Control Manager Night Manager Sales Appointment Setter Independent Contractor Sales Executive Quality Assurance Manager Business Development Specialist Facility Services Manager Local Business Owner Thoughts? Thank You!
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