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Citing Your Sources

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Stacy Darwin

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Citing Your Sources

Q: Is this your own original
idea or thought?
If the answer is YES, then you do not need to cite a source. Q: Are you quoting or paraphrasing information from a book, website, magazine, newspaper, encyclopedia, database, or interview? If the answer is YES to any part of that question, you WILL need to cite the source! "OK. Now I know when I need to cite my source. How do I do it?" What's the
about CITING your SOURCES?! So tell me, Greetings,
Millbrook Cheetahs! I've heard you are about to start doing some research! That's so exciting! There are so many places to get information....websites, books, encyclopedias, oh my! Let's start out with some definitions. What is PLAGIARISM?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source. What is CITING?
It means that you show, within the body of your text, that you took the words or ideas from another place. (http://www.library.vanderbilt.edu/research/Citing.shtml) How do we know WHEN we need to cite our sources? Answer these questions to find out: Q: Is the information you are using common knowledge? (ex: water freezes at 32 degrees) If the answer is NO, then you DO need to cite the source. (Don't worry, it's not hard!) If the answer is NO, you need to take a minute to write down the source information on your worksheet (I'll get to that in a second!). If the answer is YES, then you do not need to cite. Keep writing! Easy! Follow these rules to make citing your sources a breeze. Just remember to take the time to record the source information as you use it. It's MUCH easier and less time consuming than going back and trying to find it after your research is done. magazine Author's name
Title of article
Title of magazine
Page numbers
(month/year) Citing a book or encyclopedia Collect this information for your Works Cited page:
Author's name
Title of book or article
Place of publication
Publisher's name
Copyright date
If it's an encyclopedia, you also need:
Title of encyclopedia and volume # Citing a Website Author of website
Title of article (if different from overall website)
Title of website
copyright date
date accessed
URL Citing a newspaper Author's name
Title of article
Title of newspaper
City and State
Date (month/day/year)
page numbers Citing an Online Database Author of article
Title of article
Title of reference work
Place of publication
Copyright date
Title of online database
Date accesed
URL What does this look like in your research project? According to Rebecca Mileham, "if a farmer overuses pesticides on the land, the excess will wash into local rivers and streams and could eventually cause problems in the sea" (5). What does this look like in your research project? Time for Kids reporter, Nellie Gonzales Cutler, states "the marathon is held on Patriot's Day, a Massachusetts state holiday that marks the start of the Revolutionary War and the battles of Lexington and Concord" (3). What does this look like in
your research project? According the EPA website, "People with asthma, a disease that can make it hard to breathe, and children who play outside a lot might feel a little strange." That should get you started on citing your resources as you do you research. Please ask if you have any questions! (That's the
page number.) Author's name What can happen if I plagiarize or don't cite? fail assignments
fail classes
get suspended
get sued
get fired It's a BIG DEAL!
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