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MES School Counseling Program

No description

Jordon Beasley

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of MES School Counseling Program

MES School Counseling Program
Group Counseling
Academic: Student Success Groups
Failures, teacher referral, MAP tests
Meet 1x per week for 40 minutes for 3 months
Social/Personal Groups:
Needs Assessment: Foster students, Divorce, Grief, Social Skills, Friendship, etc.
Scheduling Group Time

First Things First
Grade Level Division
Needs Assessment
Introduction to the Counselor Classroom Lesson
Year-long/Monthly Calendars
ASCA Based program
Data-driven program
Meets the needs of Staff, Students, and Administrators
Counselor as an integral role
Students benefit from services provide
What do We do?
Provide three types of services:
Individual Counseling
Small Group Counseling
Classroom Lessons
Responsive Services
Classroom Lessons
K-1: 2x per month for 25 minutes.
First lesson will focus on one of the 7 Habits
Second Lesson will focus on life skill
2-5: 1x per month for 45 minutes.
Lessons will be focus on the 7 Habits, but will address the key concerns derived from the Needs Assessment results.

Individual Counseling
Referral Form?
Open Door Policy
Emergency referrals
What is the best way to call students down?
How I Can Help
Parent Conferences
Help with 504s
Staff professional development
Confidentiality includes you!
2015-2016 Program Overview
Three domains of focus:
Provide services for ALL students
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