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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

No description

Madeline Parker

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
His Life, Works, and Influences
Born May 22nd 1859 in Edinburgh Scotland.
Money at home was tight and he had an alcoholic father.
Developed many interest he carried into his adulthood, such as; adventure, medicine, anatomy, riddles, adventure, and athletics.
Early Adulthood
Despite only having average grades, Doyle pushed himself to go to University of Edinburgh for medicine
Struggled through his university years and before taking his exams he took a job on a whaler boat as the ship's surgeon
Returned to do his exams. After passing he took a job on another boat headed for Africa.
Was very interested in the writing of Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Walter Scott.
Enjoyed history class above all
Mother's letters to his aunt in England she described him as "far more adventurous than most."
Once returning from Africa felt ready to start his medical career.
Asked by an old classmate, Dr. Budd, to be his assistant in the clinic he had opened.
After a fallout with Budd, he opened his own clinic in Portsmouth. Very little business and whenever there were not patients in he would write.
Works Studied
A Study in Scarlet
The Lost World
The Sign of Four
Sherlock Holmes
Appeared first in 1887 alongside John Watson in A Study in Scarlet
Based off Doyle's favourite Professor, Joesph Bell
Doyle's most successful character, still very well known today
Holmes overshadowed all of Doyle's other work
Medical Career
A Study in Scarlet
A first person account for Dr John Watson who is introduced to Sherlock Holmes through a friend when he says he needs a roommate. The two move in to the 221b flat on Baker Street and Watson soon realizes how eccentric Holmes is. Watson and Holmes fall together well and make an excellent team and John soon finds himself alongside Sherlock as he helps the police investigate a murder case that has London stumped. A man is found dead in what seems like a overdose, but upon investigation Holmes comes to the conclusion that this wasn't a suicide, but a murder.
The Sign of Four
Holmes and Watson have now been living and working together for years. Over these years they have fully undertook the title as P.Is while John also practices as a surgeon in a small clinic for extra money. Miss Mary Morstan comes to them in hopes they can figure out what happened to her father years ago and who is now sending her mysterious packages and letters. Mary had accepted her father had likely died when he disappeared years ago, leave her orphaned. However in recent weeks she has been receiving cryptic letters that seem to be apologizing for wronging her in some way that she doesn't understand.
The Lost World
Edward Malone feels unworthy of the woman he loves because he feels he has never done anything with his life. He hears at work at the Daily Gazette that a Professor named Challenger is going on a expedition to the Amazon to prove the existence of creatures only he believes live within the jungle. Challenger's entire scientific reputation is on the line with him going out to prove that these creatures are real but he is confident in his belief. Together, Challenger, Malone, and others who had joined their party seeking the thrill of adventure leave for the Amazon to prove once and for all whether Challenger's theories and fantasy creatures are real.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle turned to writing to cope with the fact that he felt he had very little control over his life.
Reflected What He Wanted Out of Life
Beginnings of Writing Career
Published two short stories in university
A Study in Scarlet was the outcome of the slow clinic
Finished in 1885, it got turned down by 5 publishers before getting picked up by Beeton's Christmas Annual in 1887
Turned to Writing When Clinic Failed
Began writing to help support clinic
Sherlock was the outcome (1887)
John Watson was ideal doctor

Bitterness Towards Holmes
"Upon the mention of his name I begin to feel sick."
Holmes began to overshadow Doyle's other works
Attempted to retire Holmes 7 times, once by killing him off
The 'Unrealistic' Professor Challenger
Challenger was opposite of Holmes
Readers felt he was unbelievable, unlike Sherlock
Wanted Challenger to overtake Holmes
From a young age he would write about things he wished to do in life
Characters often have traits or abilities Doyle admired/aspired for
Professor George Challenger
Appeared in The Lost World in 1912 alongside Malrone
Based off Professor William Rutherford
Not as publicly loved as Doyle had hoped
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