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The Great Gatsby and A Passionate Life

Activity #5 by Larissa Walsh

Larissa Walsh

on 21 August 2011

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby and A Passionate Life

Jay Gatsby The Great Gatsby and A Passionate Life Gatsby is not only passionate about Daisy, but also passionate about achieving a wealthy extravagant lifestyle. The two are intertwined as Gatsby believes that he will only be with Daisy if he can recreate the past, when he knew her surrounded by her rich lifestyle. Jay Gatsby pursues his passion of Daisy by impressing her with his beautiful things. He continues to strive for expensive things and aims to fit into the wealthy upper class in which she belongs. He also pursues his passion of a wealthy lifestyle without restrictions. He even turns to illegal business to obtain his wealth and throws profligate parties to try and be accepted by the upper class of ‘old’ wealth. Gatsby’s pursue of Daisy is impeded by not only Tom but also Daisy’s daughter Pammy. Tom, Daisy’s husband, is a strong and defiant man who will not allow Daisy to leave him without a fight. His wealth pursues her to stay with him and her love for him once also convinces her to chose Tom over Gatsby. Pammy is another reason why Daisy does not leave Tom for Gatsby. Before meeting Pammy, Gatsby had not fully accepted the fact that she was real, however when he does, another conflict is added to the plot and Pammy is another small reason why Daisy stays with Tom. The ‘snobbish’ attitudes of the wealthy upper class also impede Gatsby’s passion of being accepted. As he has made his money, and was not born into it, he is not accepted by the ‘old money’ society and does not fit in. One moment in the novel where we see Gatsby’s passion for Daisy is after Daisy and Gatsby reunite at Nick’s house. When Nick leaves the room, the readers can sense the intensity between the two characters as they sit close to one another. We also view their passion during this moment by the tears in Daisy’s eyes. Daisy Buchanan Daisy Buchanan is passionate about her extravagant lifestyle. Born into the wealthy upper class, she knows only this lifestyle, and does not want to live any other way. She is also passionate about Jay Gatsby and finding someone who can adore her and love her. Daisy first pursued her passion of maintaining an extravagant lifestyle by marry the wealthy Tom Buchanan. Her attitude towards society also maintained her profligate lifestyle. Attending parties and living amongst other wealthy people helped Daisy to pursue her passion. Daisy also pursued her passion with Gatsby by meeting him and spending time with him. Her affair with him enabled her to pursue this passion. Daisy’s pursuit of her passion for Gatsby is impeded by Tom Buchanan, her husband. As Daisy is married, her relationship with Jay Gatsby is considered as an affair and is not acceptable. However, she continues to pursue it despite him. One example from the novel when Daisy displays her passion for Gatsby is when they are reunited at Nick Carraway’s house. After Nick comes back into the living room, we see the passion between the two and see Daisy’s emotions as she cries. Tom Buchanan I believe Tom is passionate about showing his authority and power over others. We can see this by his affair with Myrtle. His violence towards Myrtle and his protection over keeping Daisy all for himself. Tom pursues his passion and authority over Daisy by having an affair with Myrtle. He does not necessarily have an intense attraction for Myrtle, however as he can have an affair without facing consequences, he does and enforces his power over his wife. He also pursues his passion of control by abusing Myrtle when she speaks out of line and angers him. Tom’s passion is not impeded by others as being a male makes him have authority over women, therefore having authority and power over Daisy and Myrtle. One moment in the novel where we see Tom’s passion is in New York when he punches Myrtle in the nose, evidently breaking it. Myrtle Wilson Myrtle is passionate about living the ‘American Dream’. She strives for an extravagant and exciting lifestyle full of wealth. Myrtle pursues her passion of the ‘American Dream’ by having an affair with Tom Buchanan. When she is with Tom, we witness her personality changing. She becomes opposed to those less wealthy than Tom, despite belonging in that class herself and she immediately becomes frivolous with Tom’s money, putting on false ‘airs’ to make herself feel more important, exciting and appear superior. Myrtle’s passion is impeded by her husband. When he discovers she is having an affair, he attempts to move her away to the West. Being married also means Myrtle must see Tom in secret, and Tom’s marriage to Daisy also impedes on her achieving her passion as it means she can never fully posses Tom for herself. Myrtle’s social status also impedes her passion as it means she is not accepted by the upper class. When Myrtle arrives in New York with Tom and Nick, we see her attitude change. She immediately puts on airs when she throws a party and acts as if she is more superior then her guests. Nick Carraway Nick Carraway’s passion is less obvious in the novel, however I believe his passion is to experience life and all that life offers. He does not wish to live an extravagant, careless and foolish lifestyle but rather a more peaceful and responsible one. Nick pursues his passion by exploring the different cities and towns and continuing his career. He pursues his passion by being a tentative listener, but tries to not become involved in other people’s business. He stays proud of himself, his possessions and his accomplishments. Nick’s pursuit of his passion is impeded by those who surrounded him. Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan are all examples. They live their life differently to how Nick wishes to live his life and are careless and irresponsible. Nick’s passion is shown through his remark on Jordan’s driving and how she is a careless person. He comments on how she relies on others to be careful, never taking responsibility herself.
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