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for Introduction to Education

Danielle Stramel

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Reflections

Assignments Quizzes Papers The quizzes really helped me assess what I had learned thus far in the course, and what I needed to go back and reread over. The fact that we could take the quizzes twice was helpful because if we didn't grasp the concepts of the chapter, or read the right things, we could go back and focus our learning on the more important points. The observation papers were a great opportunity to reflect on what we had observed in the various classrooms we had watched. Also, all of the observing was a great way to watch different teachers interact with different demographics of students, and how that changed based on the grade that the student was in. Online Because this was my first time participating in an online class, there was much for me to learn. during our first module, we were required to use an aspect of technology I had never encountered before (Voki). Because of this class, I have also learned other things about the computer, and its different operations. Discussion Forums I learned a lot from my fellow classmates in the forums. Their opinions helped me to realize that there were other ways to teaching than my own. It also helped me realize that just because someone doesn't share my teaching philosophy, doesn't mean they won't make a fine teacher. Just like every student is different, every teacher is different, also. Responding to other students' posts was helpful because it made me evaluate other opinions and facts, and I believe that that really helped me shape my own opinions in an almost objective way. The discussion posts altogether were helpful and I believe a good assignment for an online class such as this.
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