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Endangered Animals

No description

July Gomez

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli People love elephants, lions, and dolphins... So why are all of these animals in danger of becoming extinct, mainly due to human activities? This is a big question with a complicated answer. ENDANGERED
ANIMALS Extinction Occurs Naturally? AN ENDANGERED SPECIES is species
of organisms facing a very high
risk of extinction. Its use by
conservation biologists typically
refers to those deigned Endangered
in the IUCN Red List. WHAT'S THE HARM? HABITAT DESTRUCTION Humans have destroyed over half of the Earth’s forests, and the remaining forest habitats are shrinking fast. The Fishing Industry Is responsible for endangering many fish species and habitats. Coral reefs have been hit especially hard, reducing fish stocks and harming the communities whose economic welfare and physical health depend on fish! Pollution Pollutants, including sewage,
oil, gas, industrial and urban waste,
present an immediate threat,
especially to fresh
water and marine ecosystems. Climate Change Without swift action, climate change will lead
to the extinction of many species,
and destroy ecosystems which can never
be restored. For example, climate change is
raising sea temperatures,
which causes the “bleaching” or coral colonies The Wildlife Trade Agriculture WE NEED ANIMALS The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Extinct Animals What's the Solution?

Humans are learning from
past mistakes,
and many are working to protect the
world’s endangered animals.
Here’s how: governments and
individuals are cracking
down on illegal trade,
establishing nature reserves,
reducing introduced
mammal populations,
finding ways of harvesting
natural resources without
destroying habitats, and promoting
eco-tourism! Everyone can work to save endangered animals!
We can help protect the world’s amazing,
irreplaceable endangered animals. In 2008, IUCN has evaluated 44,838 species. Of the total species included, 16,928 are listed as threatened, an increase of 620 species since 2007.

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