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No description

Lautaro Correa

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Devondale

The Three Sisters Soccer Team

Blue Mountains Area
Change in five year age groups
Blue Mountains Area
Encourage our community to prefer Devondale product over competition
Create a customer-design Devondale Award
Create a Devondale link on our website
Visit health care and social assistance institutions with Devondale products
Team and families are first line for focus group and trials of new Devondale products and lines
Introduce Devondale in the hospitality and restaurant sector of The Blue Mountains
Provide Devondale’s website with recipes from team members and their families using Devondale products
Give Devondale our database of members and their businesses
Donate to charity
Have Matilda as our pet so She will be in all our shirts and shorts and get in every game!

This is all about communities and we believe we can encourage ours to prefer Devondale products as they will see what your company is doing for our team and everyone involved, and this means reaching out hundred of families and their relatives across the State

The Devondale Award will encourage this preference even more, and will put your image as a community supporter company, coupled with the exposure through our club's website to all our contributors and developers and to everybody visiting us

Each time you think of a new product our community will be first in line for trials and focus group contributing with diversity and creativity while easy to access and targeting as many people as needed

All our family will get involved giving away their best recipes with well kept Devondale secrets incrementing your data base and getting more visits from people looking for the yummy factor of Devondale products

Of course,
is a must in each and every activity and event always!
Some Of Your Benefits
Cost of the uniform for the season:
20* Shoes = $2000
20* Customised Jerseys = (17players+3 coaches) $500
20* Shorts = $500
10* New soccer balls = $300
Maintenance : $200

Total : $3500

Money for transport during the season: $3500
Food and supply: $3500

Total: $7000

Team maintenance+promotional material: $1500

Grand Total
: $12000

$3500 Up Front

The rest, after every week end, and according to real expenditure values and without going over the agreed Total Budget

Payment Schedule
Three Sisters Soccer Team

A youth women's
non for profit
soccer team based on Blue Mountains area in NSW
17 amateur players from 15 to 19 years old
Established in March 2014

Members of the

Regional Women's Soccer League
10 teams including us and the season starts at the end of
July 2014 and finishes the second half of June 2015
Area Forecast & Population
Our Community
Good Ideas!
Blue Mountains area is located at the western fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area about 55 to 95 kilometres from it
The population of 2013 was 79,225
The population forecast for 2014 is 77,957, but is forecast to grow to 81,526 by 2031
Age Group
Area's Employment and Industries
Blue Mountains Industry Structure
Investment Offer
Thank You For Your Time
Presentation prepared for
Devondale Food Service

For us, our community is the Nº1 priority
We have targeted families and children age 6 to 19
In our short existence, we have created the program “
Be A Team Player
” which is focused on reduce bullying among people in our target market
We take our players to schools and they talk about how important is support each other, help the players to get stronger and how their success depended on it
We have been successful with this program in - Blackheath Public school (In anonymous survey 20% children admitted that they have bullied other children) In next two schools (Mountains Christian College, St Columba's High School) the number of children that they admitted that they have bullied others were’t that disturbing (only 5%) After all these seminars where our players talk about being team player bullying was reduced almost 50%
Healthy Lifestyle
Promoting health, drug free environment where everybody can be a team player and help build strong healthy community. Our team players will be the role models, not only because of their work in a team, but also in daily life. Some of the players are working as volunteers in charity, most of our players are having great results in their studies, and every player promoting and educating others about how to be part of a team and community. We are planning on create similar program where we focus on educating people about general health and nutrition. Some of our coaches are educated in nutrition and because of the passion for the team they have been working on website and creating
page which will contains weekly news/advices to improve health.
Created by Lautaro Correa
Group Unbroken
Klara & Michael
Moochas Gracias!
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