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Decorum, Expectations & Your Goals

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Alicia Spence

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Decorum, Expectations & Your Goals

Decorum is (dih-kôr-um) ...
(A) The art of fitting in
(B) The art of code switching
(C) Both
(D) Neither

Decorum is NOT...
How to decide what's right and wrong, fair or unfair, but how to decide what is proper or improper according to a specific audience's expectations.

In other words, in order to be decorous, you need to ...

(A) Act the way you normally act
(B) Act the way your audience expects you to act
Linguistic Decorum
Aesthetic Decorum
Writing and speaking the way your audience expects you to write and speak.
Appearing the way your audience expects you to appear.
How to be a Decorous Student
Recognize the expectations ... a.k.a. know
your roles.
Look at the following to find expectations:
Your syllabi
Your degree program
Your housing contract
GSU's Student Conduct Code
Registration & Advisement Expectations
GSU's Academic Standing Policy
GSU's CORE Curriculum Requirements
"To show proper decorum, act the way your audience expects you to act" (Heinrich 46).
"Every era has its rules; humans continuously adapt those rules to changes in the social environment" (47).
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do; but when you’re not in Rome, doing as the Romans do might get you in trouble" (48).
More decorous in cultures that require women to wear hijabs; less decorous in America.
More decorous performing on stage; less decorous at church.
Social/Ethical Decorum
Behaving the way your audience expects you to behave
Expectations, Decorum, and Why They Both Matter
What is Decorum Anyway?
Less decorous for Cam and Mitch to kiss at an American Family Association event; more decorous at a Gay/Straight Alliance event.
Less decorous for Lebron James to leave Cleveland for Miami in the eyes of Cleveland fans; more decorous in the eyes of Miami fans.
Does Chris Farley's character meet your behavioral expectations?
Does Will Farrell's character meet aesthetic expectations? Any other expectations he fails to meet?
Take the following types of decorum, for example ...
How would you expect a salesman to behave in a meeting?
Other Examples ...
Look at the following examples: why are they proper or improper for the given audience?
Email to a professor
Email to Grandmother
Wondering how to write a proper first-time email to your professors? Check this example out.
How would you expect someone to dress for a job interview for a custodial position?
Remember: Generally, being decorous is a really good idea.
But there are also times where it's not only okay to be indecorous, it's absolutely necessary.
Can you think of times where you may need to take a calculated risk and be indecorous as a student?
Jay Heinrichs' friend Joe said this about how to dress for a meeting:
(A) Wear what you normally wear
(B) Buy the brand of clothing everyone else is wearing
(C) Show up in a suit ... it's always safe
(D) Buy the colors everyone else is wearing
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