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on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Lousiana

New Orleans
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Economic location
Historic location
Fun Facts
Political location
Government,History,Economy,and Geography.
The St.Louis Cathedral is the oldest standing Cathedral in North America. It was founded as a catholic parish in 1720 along the Mississippi river in New Orleans.
The Mississippi river the most famous river in most of the southern states. The Mississippi river lines the coast of
Louisiana and is very close to New Orleans.
New Orleans is a major tourist
attraction. Millions of people visit each
month especially during the fall,spring,and winter
since it is very hot in the summer.
Road map
Geographic map
Climate map
political map
1.The state gemstone is agate
2.The state flower is a Magnolia.
3.There is only one state forest in Louisiana.
4.The state doughnut is a beignet
5. The state fossil is petrified palmwood
6.The state fruit is strawberries

7.The state dog is catahoula leopard dog
8.The state instrument is a accordion
9.the state tree is the bald cypress
10.The state bird is the
brown pelican!!!
This building is called One Shell Square and it is the tallest building in Louisiana and it is in a business district. The One Shell Square is the headquarters of many businesses and government offices
Geographic location
The senators are are Mary Landrieu who is a democrat, and David Vitter is who a republic.

This song was originally made in Louisiana
-The british tried to invade Louisiana 2 times.
-The French were interested in Louisiana from the 17th century to 1763.
-Louisiana became a state on April 30,1812
-The first europeans came to Louisiana in 1528.
governor of Louisiana is Bobby Jindal.
Dixie Landin' is
a popular amusement in Baton Rouge,Louisiana.Millons of people visit each year.It has 26 rides 10 games and much more. Dixie Landin' was built in 1999.
For fun location
-Tourism is a big part part of the economy of Louisiana.
-An estimated $5.2 billion comes from tourism.
-Louisiana has many sugercane fields. Sugercane is the states main agricultural crop
-The highest point of Louisiana is Driskill Mountain at 535 feet
-Louisiana is mostly lowlands much like Delaware
-Louisiana is bordered by Texas,Arkansas,Mississippi, and the Gulf of Mexico
-Louisiana has a long humid summer and a short mild winter.
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