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Joomla 2.5, Running K2 and Zentools

No description

Julian Murray

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Joomla 2.5, Running K2 and Zentools

Introduction to K2
Joomla 2.5, Running K2 and Zentools
Brisbane Joomla User Group Presentation 18th Sep 2013

Why Use K2?
Simple control over content
Consistent formatting
Great add-ons
In built features, like comments and social sharing
Automatic image re-sizing
Examples of K2 in use
Mooroondu FC uses K2 throughout, and uses extra fields to show if playing fields are ready for use
More Twerking
Installing and running K2
Download at getk2.org (current version 2.6.7)
Install via Extension Manager
Accessed through Compontents --> K2
Also through Control Panel
Re-order your 'quick items' or disable it in the Module manager using the 'administration' filter, bringing the 'K2 Quick Items' to the top of icon position
Make it easy to find for your clients
Type in your category name
You can define your inherited properties
Categories control how the contents are displayed in category view, and also individual items / articles
Adding A Category
Add your title
Click accross to image Tab
Adding an item (article)
Add an image
Add an attachment and don't forget to save!
I've added a menu item to reference this page
Lets have a look so far...
Reset menu item to show the category

Too many features on listings, pictures to big
Frontend view of category
Nice huh? Not quite how I want it
Add some custom CSS
ADD-CSS module from gibilogic.com (if nothing else) and apply to all pages:

div.catItemImageBlock, div.itemImageBlock {float:right !important}

Let's have another look....
Perfect! Just how I want it
Repeat editing and testing for item views too
You can also need to make sure your item view is acceptable
There is an entire section in the JED for K2...

Check it out for more!

Today I am demonstating Zentools from Joomlabamboo.com, a Melbourne business
Extending K2
Available from joomlabamboo.com

Install through the Joomla Installer

Functions in site modules
Several display options:
Grid, List, Masonary, Slideshow, Carousel, Accordion, Single Item Gallery, Leading Item then List
Also has presets

Link Options:
Lightbox, Content Item, External Link, also none

Source Options:
K2, Joomla Articles, Directory
Drag and drop item parts in for display

Uses the 12-part grid for display settings (good for responsive designs)

Column use is recommended
Another perfect job!
Lots of image manipulation options
I have repeated this process with a few friendly faces!
Edit Category Options
I have
hidden the category group picture
hidden the dates, catgegory references and more
Limited the intro text to 80 words
Chosen to display a 'small' sized image
Example: The Goodness Inc
Zentools for display, article showcase
Koala Action Group: K2 for articles, Zentools for slideshow
I'm a Joomla! website designer, manager and hosting reseller.

Background in BBS's, databases, UI design, music, business development, taxi driving :)

I'm Julian
Quick Parameter Changes
We will add a single category
Then add 4 items with images and attachments
Introduction Demo of K2
Let's do some twerking... I mean tweaking

Back to edit 'category' --> 'item view in category list'
Stored in components/com_k2/templates

Copy /default to different sub-dir and edit away
Change template type in 'edit category'

Some templates have K2 templates included
Create new templates for different purposes
Exaample: Carousel Mode
Example: Grid Mode
Accordion Mode

Thanks for listening :)
No more twerking today!
Replace the default K2 CSS
Copy out the CSS file and put it in add_css module or similar

Stop loading default CSS in parameters
But before we get started....
This presentation may contain political and celebrity content

... and a few dance moves
Get Smart: K2 Kontrol Tabs
only smirking
Depeche Mode
Core Extensions
Simple Image Gallery Pro

All videos

Replace the default Joomla Content Editor
I recommend using JCK or JCE

Clients love pasting in from Word... ruining your styling
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