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Tricked Out Opac

Using Shared Code to Enhance the User Experience in the OPAC

Todd King

on 11 November 2010

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Transcript of Tricked Out Opac

Double click anywhere & add an idea header.xsl "menubar" "ekubuttons" removed database name
in searchFacets.xsl templates created in header.xsl (pageFacets)
templates called in frameWork.xsl (pageTools) HEADER <xsl:call-template name="buildDatabaseInfo">
<!-- <xsl:with-param name="databaseEleName" select="'page.search.database.label'"/> -->
<xsl:with-param name="changeLinkEleName" select="'page.search.change.link'"/>
</xsl:call-template> Also in frameWork.xsl call .css file *
call timeout code
call spellcheck code
"ekubuttons" in header ...
so, headerTabs removed SEARCH Expanded Limits cl_searchBasic.xsl:
<xsl:with-param name="eleName" select="'limitTo'"/>
<xsl:with-param name="size" select="16"/> Expanded Search Types cl_searchBasic.xsl:
<xsl:with-param name="eleName" select="'searchCode'"/>
<xsl:with-param name="size" select="6"/> Extra Search Button cl_searchBasic.xsl (after call to "buildFormInput")
<input type="submit" name="page.search.search.button" id="page.search.search.button" value="Search" /> Button moved left Position set in CSS
#searchLinks input {
display: block;
clear: both;
} TABS Took over Subject tab * more on this soon Shout to: Michael Doran
http://rocky.uta.edu/doran First, hide original search form
in cl_searchSubject.xsl <!-- search subject form -->
<div id="searchParams" style="display:none;"> Then, add custom form
in searchFacets.xsl Within template
<xsl:template name="buildTheSearchForm">
<xsl:if test="$formName='searchSubject'">
<!-- html code here -->
</xsl:if> Finally, change text
in webvoyage.properties # Search Pages
page.search.buttons.subjectHeading.message=Search for Journals RESULTS Shout to: Jim Robinson
http://lib-serv.tccd.edu/code Numbered Search Results Limits Sorted "+" instead of "add limit" change line in
cl_resultsTitles.xsl under "filtersOFF" variable (around line 100)

<li><a href="{page:URL}">+ <xsl:value-of select="page:linkText"/></a></li> "remove limit" text changed
in webvoyage.properties page.searchResults.filtersBlock.remove.linkText=remove limit: RECORD VIEW "Actions Box" SFX Button CGI Script - like NewBooks
(i.e. if NewBooks works, so will this)

plus, 3 javascript files New Books - from Doran, too! Shout out to Prabha Acharya
http://library.tamu.edu/directory/prabhaa Text Me this Call Number Adapted from Paul Asay http://exlibrisgroup.org/display/VoyagerCC/SMS+Message+from+OPAC Took ASP made into PHP Shout out to Paul Asay
http://paulasay.indstate.edu/work.php http://people.eku.edu/kingt/txtme/ Cite This Item Shout out to Laura Guy
http://exlibrisgroup.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=24609858 Did you know? It's "in the manual"
See WebArchConfig User Guide
Ch. 25 - "How do I add a New Search Tab?" Check WorldCat Matches by ISBN Distance Ed Request Adapted from my
"Text me this call number" script
- Changed the form
- and who it emails Bookmark Widget Get yours from
http://www.addthis.com Then, add to pageFacets/displayFacets.xsl
(where all "actions box" code lives) This, and more fabulous stuff in Doran's PPT:
http://rocky.uta.edu/doran/presentations/ELSUG2009-Doran-Tomcat.ppt It's no secret! See WebArchConfig User Guide
Ch. 11 - "How Do I Create An External Search
From A Bibliographic Record Display?" TRICKS Spell Check Sout out to Andrew Isherwood
http://voyager.aber.ac.uk/addons/spellcheck.php modify section of pageTools/tools.xsl
call javascript in pageTools/frameWork.xsl
put getSpell.pl in same place as NewBooks My changes:
I had to change to getSpell.cgi
and add use CGI qw(:standard); to file
and put it in .../vwebv/htdocs
with execute permissions Tricked Out OPAC Using Shared Code
to Enhance
the User Experience
in the Opac Todd King New Time Out Message Shout out (again) to Jim Robinson
http://lib-serv.tccd.edu/code/webvoyage Advantages:
Gives choice to continue
Countdown of actual time
Draggable window changed default to go to Basic Search
in ../vwebv/htdocs/index.html
in <head> section of html, add: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=/vwebv/searchBasic?sk=en_US"> favicon make one at www.favicon.cc
then put .ico file in …/vwebv/htdocs/ folder Cascading Style Sheets Create one CSS file
Import it last
To override other CSS Shout out (again) to Michael Doran!
http://rocky.uta.edu/doran/vwebv/css.html worry about one css file
... in theory import last in pageTools/frameWork.xsl <style type="text/css" media="screen,print">@import "<xsl:value-of select="$css-loc"/>eku.css";</style>

</head> just before </head> = imported last How to override? Get FireBug (Firefox plugin)
Or use Google Chrome Right-click on item
choose "Inspect Element" Tells you css code and file
and what has been overridden Learn about CSS and Webvoyage - lib-serv.tccd.edu/code Jim Robinson!
View my CSS file – people.eku.edu/kingt/opac/eku.css.txt Me! FOOTER cleared out original footer
added text in "buildFooter" section
of pageFacets/footer.xsl javascript calls also in footer.xsl
New Time Out
Spell Check
Google Analytics See WebArchConfig User Guide
Ch. 18 - "How Do I add Tracking Codes?" EKU OPAC SuperGroup flickr - rolling hills studio part of larger UX team rep from all services user-focused modeled more than opacs feedback as we go creative experiment concrete round table task-oriented make backup before changing flickr - sameli ? QUESTIONS

stuff available
http://people.eku.edu/kingt/opac Starting point on server:
/m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/ui/en_US/xsl Related-Items Bookshelf Shout out to Laura Guy
http://exlibrisgroup.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=24609858 Shout out to Maccabee Levine
www.uwosh.edu/facstaff/levinem/projects/related-items-bookshelf/ Requires:
- tomcat file configuration
- apache file configuration
(may need server admin help) That's JAVA! Winner of ELympics
Coding Contest!
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