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Grails presentation

William Palmer

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Grails

Groovy Meta Programming
Spring Controllers - The ... Controllers GSP Pages - The Views William Palmer
Jeff Larsen MVC Framework Domain Classes - The Model Relationship Advice: One to One: Good
Many to One: OK
Many to Many: Avoid mapping = database control Contraints Truth Strings Collections String str = null
println """no exception thrown
null evaluates to false instead of NPE"""
} def str =""

println "Empty String also evaluates to false"
def str = "A populated string"

println "populated strings evaluate to true
} The same as strings, except empty collections also evaluate to false Webservices made easy + Spring Plugins Layouts Tags & Tag Libraries Scaffold Autogenerate Interceptors Groovy Database Config Plugins Unit & Integration Tests Collections any Java Groovy every max find Groovy Java Java Groovy Java Groovy Groovy Java findAll Lessons Learned not null Lazy Loading Java Calendar As long as you don't want to go deep
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