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beau cary

No description

maryann carroll

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of beau cary

why do deers have antlers
antlers fall off
How Did Deers Get Antlers?
The male deer has his antlers fall off all the time. Than after mating season. The antlers come back and it is covered with hard skin it is called velvet. After a couple of months the velvet dies the deer rubs on the trees to get it off.
The little deer has no way to keep himself safe in the woods the deer’s enemies are wolves and bears there were fewer deer In the woods.
The bucks friend put tree seeds in the deer’s nose when the deer was
the bibliography
thank you for watching
WWW. proquestk12.com
BY Beau Cary

the Buck told the young to find the white flowers by the pool and to eat one.

Before rutting season bucks rub antlers against a tree trunk hard to get the soft hairy skin off.
you tub.com
Table 1 tips of antlers
In mating season the antlers are not stage
A buck may have six to seven points on there had the antlers may be four to five feet long.
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