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Reveal Theatre Company

No description

Reveal Theatre Co. Ltd. Julia

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Reveal Theatre Company

Game On 2017/2018
Game On 2017/2018
Who are we and why are we here?
Abusing someone because of their:
The colour of your skin

National Identity
Where you come from

What you may believe in
Let's connect!
Who's in the room?
Your thoughts . . .
The World
It's Not Fair
A person who travels to live and work in another country permanently.

Being an immigrant is completely legal; there is nothing wrong with being an immigrant.

For example: if you moved to live and work in Spain, you would be an immigrant in Spain.

The holding of extreme political or religious views, which places a value on people in society depending on their race, religious beliefs or national identity.

This can include other characteristics with the Equality agenda.
These views maintain one group as superior in society.

Far Right Extremism Islamist Extremism
Being British...
Walk If
Your thoughts . . .
What comes to mind?

Want to divide society and create hate based on race, religion and/or national identity.
Believe to be superior ( based on their race, religion, and/or national identity) and value people less ( based on their race, religion, and/or national identity)
Mislead information on contemporary, world issues
Distort history for their political or religious beliefs
Isolate individuals from society in order to persuade them onside
Do not want people to get along with different people
Where do you get your news from?

"Fall out after United Kingdom votes to leave the EU after the referendum- June 2016"
Is racism and nationalism on the rise in Britain?
Say what you see . . .
Say what you see . .

A person who has been forced to leave their country because of war, or because they think differently to other people in their country who would harm them - like extremists. Even natural disasters can force refugees to flee.
21,179 individuals killed in 2015
2,704 individuals killed by Russian intervention since their engagement (2016)
Total deaths since start of conflict 450,000 (50,000 children)

Zaynab's story
"This was my uncle's house, there was a school next door"
These are some pictures and quotes shared with us by Zaynab, a student recently moved to Britain from Baghdad, Iraq.
"This was our house after a bomb. They give you two days warning, if you stay, you die"
"I can remember praying that we would make it to the airport...my Dad is still there he has to work"
"They're killing Christians, they're killing Muslims, they're killing everyone. You must tell everyone"
The Refugee Crisis
What society does this create?
How may they see themselves?
How can someone be affected?
How would someone feel?


Mixed Race
Put out lies about different groups of people based on their race/religion and/or national idenity
Can use religious guilt to push their ideas
Educate Against Hate- signs of radicalisation
If a pupil begins to display a combination of the following ‘worrisome’ behaviours, there may be cause for concern:

Becoming more angry, argumentative and domineering
Quick to condemn those who don’t agree, and ignore or demonise viewpoints which contradict their own
Beginning to express themselves in a divisive ‘them and us’ manner about others who have alternative beliefs
Increasingly secretive or suddenly unwilling to discuss their views
Using derogatory terms, ask inappropriate questions, or express themselves in a way that sounds scripted
Changed their circle of friends and distancing themselves from friends they were previously close to
Lost interest in activities they used to enjoy
Become socially withdrawn and spending increasing amounts of time online
Expressing hostile and/or conspiratorial ideas about the government and foreign policy
Justifying the use of violence and criminality or expressing a desire for “revenge” and “absolute truth”
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