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Curriculum Night 2017-2018

No description

Monique Haselden

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Curriculum Night 2017-2018

6th Grade Curriculum Night

Mrs. Blaylock
Mrs. Orr (Mrs. Downing)
Mrs. Haselden
Ms. Robertson
Ms. Joseph

Access our email addresses
from Rainbow's website

6th Grade Expectations

-Be here and be ready – have all appropriate materials and supplies when coming to class every day. Be ready to learn.

-Be respectful to all aspects of the learning process and environment – be respectful to yourself, peers, and others. Be respectful of school property.

-Follow the directives of all school personnel – includes the teachers, substitutes, and support staff. We all have a stake in your child’s welfare.

-Be responsible and accountable – take ownership of your school work. Be aware of due dates and deadlines.

-Observe all rules in your online student handbook.


Respectful behavior from each student
not only ensures a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, but also allows each student
to fully take advantage of learning

Proper behavior is expected among ALL
sixth grade students.

Students exhibiting respectful behavior will be recognized for their efforts by the teachers.
If A Student Chooses
Not To Meet Our Expectations

1st occurrence- Redirection

Repeated occurrences are directed to the Bucket List:
-Loss of free time
-Student writing reflection
-Silent lunch
-Phone call to parent
-Sitting out and observing the classroom activity
**Or any combination of the above

***Severe disruptions or defiant behavior will result in any of the following actions:
-Parent/student conference
-Written discipline referral to Administration

***consequences are not necessarily sequential
Regular attendance is a necessary component to learning.

Make-Up Work Policy
-Misses 1-2 days:
Student will obtain missed work from teacher
upon his/her return
Students will need to ask each teacher for make-up work.

-Misses 3 or more days:
Call or email the school by 9 A.M. on the morning of the fourth absence
Pick up work from the front office after 3:00 P.M. –
Please understand it takes time to prepare make-up work

-Extended Absences
If your child will be out for a planned extended period of time, we will not be able to provide all the assignments they will miss ahead of time. Please keep this in mind as you plan.

When a student returns from absence:
-Need written note and make-up work submitted within 3 days
-No note constitutes an unexcused absence

-Unexcused Absences. Students will not receive credit for and will not be allowed to make up any assignments, tests, work, activities, etc., missed during unexcused absences. (Obtained from MCS Code of Conduct)
Student's Responsibility
After An Absence

-Previously assigned work is due
upon return - including making up tests!
-Missed notes
-Missed work
-Make-up work must be submitted
within 3 days of return

Asking for work before a pre-excused absence is admirable but not always possible. We try to accommodate requests, but students may be given alternate assignments due to pacing or the type of assignments, or be given assignments upon return to school.
Dress Code
-Shorts and skirts must be no higher than four inches above the knee - per Madison City Code of Conduct
-Over-the-shoulder straps must be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches wide - no spaghetti straps or off the shoulder
-Shorts or pants/jeans should not be torn or have holes above the knee
-Clothing must not be excessively baggy
-No bare midriffs - beware short t-shirts
-No hats, sunglasses, or bandanas
-Pajamas only on pajama day (must follow dress code)
Daily Schedule
Specials/PE: 7:45-8:45
1st block: 7:45-9:30
2nd block: 9:30-10:35
3rd block: 10:35-11:40
4th block: 11:40-12:30
Lunch: 12:30-12:55
Recess: 12:55-1:15
4th block continued: 1:15-1:30
5th block: 1:30-2:35
(There is no reason to have a heavy bookbag! They can deposit books in HR at the end of the day if necessary)
Morning Work Snack
Students may have a
*Must supply own snack
*No nuts
*No sharing
*Must be something quick and easy
*Should not need an eating utensil
*Should just be a single snack

-cut veggies or fruit
-cheese sticks
Planners and Wednesday Folders
-Students are instructed to write all assignments and projects in their planner.
-Please check planners for test and project dates ----usually assigned with reasonable notice
-Teachers may use other tools such as a website calendar, Remind, newsletters, but rule of thumb is to check the planner. ( BE SURE TO SIGN UP WITH THE REMIND CODE EACH TEACHER. If you are unsure, please ask.)

Every Wednesday a folder will come home with each student.
-Graded work (may be different for some classes, depending on when quiz or test dates fall)
-Important notes
-Progress reports/report cards (
every 3 weeks

Parents, please empty, initial, and return the folder with student on Thursday.
Homework Assigned Nightly
-Reading = skill practice occasionally, study for assessments
-Math = every night except Friday
-Other subjects, as assigned
-Review notes to establish good habits

**Amazing Grace explanation

As needed:
Study for tests
Reading/ELA: (Mrs. Haselden and Ms. Robertson)
-Novel studies
-Activities, assignments, and assessments aligned to College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS)
-AR (Ren Place) -set goals every 9 weeks
-Small group rotations and whole group lessons
-Non-fiction reading with written responses
-Wonders Series
-Language Arts Composition Notebook: grammar and writing

Grading: *gradebook explanation*
Language Assessments (mostly writing-focused) 20%
Reading Assessments (informational/non-fiction & literature)= 60%
Unit Tests = 20%

Social Studies: Mrs. Orr/Mrs. Downing
Activities and assignments
-Industrial Revolution to present
-Major focus on reading nonfiction material and note-taking skills
-Emphasis on the writing process using various modes of writing:
-Research aspect
-Written and Oral presentation skills
-Social Studies notebook
-Math suppliment with RPJ practice and fluency tests
Test/Projects = 60%
Daily assignments= 40%
Science- Mrs. Blaylock
Activities and assignments with embedded literacy standards: non-fiction reading responses centered heavily on text evidence; writing informatively using research skills

Hands-on activities centered around AMSTI
1st semester - Exploring Planetary Systems & Researching the Sun-Earth-Moon System
2nd semester - Weather and Climate; Plate Tectonics
Tests/Projects = 60%
Daily Work Skills = 40%
Science Notebook contains inquiries, vocabulary, and notes. Organization is a key component.

Math: Ms. Joseph

Activities and assignments
-Big Ideas Math Curriculum: www.bigideasmath.com
-Small group instruction
-Math Facts in a Flash
-Accelerated Math
-Timed tests

Homework assigned Monday-Thursday. In order to receive full credit, all computations must be written for each problem.

Note! You will need plenty of wide-ruled notebook paper, 2 composition notebooks, and pencils.

Assessments = 50 %
Application - Project based = 20 %
Timed tests = 10%
9-week test = 20%
Parents: What You Can Do

-Ask Questions - Please email us.
**We may not answer you that minute, but will get back to you within a reasonable time-frame.

- Email the office and copy us with any transportation changes. Oftentimes, we don't get a chance to check email until the end of the day.

-Check grades on INOW!

-Schedule a conference: Wednesdays, at 3:00. Please call the office a week in advance to schedule this: 256-824-8106. Conferences include all of the teachers unless specified.
-Join PTA -Volunteer -Classroom activities
-School events -Chaperone field trips
-Classroom supplies/donations

January (Tentative)- Overnight Space Camp
(+/- $500)

1 Day Field Trip to USSRC (+/- $50)

April/May- 6th Grade Field Day

Mid May- Overnight Gulf Shores (+/- $350.00)
More information will follow as we approach the dates.

Thank you for coming tonight!
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