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Faulty Reasoning

A breakdown of the four main types of faulty logic: Circular reasoning; False cause; Overgeneralization; Over-Simplification

Robert Woerheide

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Faulty Reasoning

Reaching a conclusion from a limited number of facts,
Identify the Faulty Reasoning:
This class is awesome because we do amazing things in here.
A single cause is assumed to have created a problem or issue—when the problem is actually created by a number of causes.
Supporting a claim with restatements of the same claim,
False Cause
An assumption is made that one event causes the other, when in fact it didn't!
Faulty Reasoning
For example ...
John Upton is a wonderful writer because he writes so well.
For example ...
Both Ford trucks Joe has owned broke down, therefore all Ford trucks are terribly made.
For example ...
For example ...
Faulty = working badly b/c of imperfections
Reasoning = thinking about something logically
"You can't give me a C! I'm an A student!"
Sally is the most successful mayor because she's the best mayor in town history.
... Or using support which is disproved by the facts you are trying to dispute.
... Or mischaracterizing facts—stretching the truth based on a few convenient circumstances
My daughter Carly loves pink and purple,
and princesses. So all five-year old girls must love pink, purple, and princesses.
I didn't do well on both reading quizzes, so I'm not good in English subjects.
Both players whose Cardinals jersey I purchased got traded or injured the next week. Now I never buy a jersey with a name.
Our house was burglarized right after that new family moved in next door.
Last season I won ten games in a row wearing these dirty, blue socks. Now I never wash my socks during the basketball season.
There are more minorities in prison, therefore people born into minority groups are more likely to commit crimes.
The cause of the Civil War was slavery.
Since it's gotten worse during his term, the President is ruining the economy. (Or the reverse.)
"I've had to fire every teenager I've hired: All teenagers are lazy and incompetent!"
"You got a good grade on your essay because the teacher likes you."
Teenagers get in more accidents because they are always texting behind the wheel.
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