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Parent Night-Lampley

Explaining procedures to parents

Mandy Lampley

on 19 August 2010

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Transcript of Parent Night-Lampley

Graded Papers Snacks Planner Transportation Contact Information Experience Keep the graded papers and return the signed form. Any classwork or homework with a failing grade can be corrected and returned for a higher grade. below a 75 This will be my tenth year to teach. My third year with PSSD. mandy.lampley@parisssd.org 642-3675 ext.628 Students may bring only
nonflavored water to
drink with snack. If your child wants to bring his/her own
snack everyday, he/she can. Please send individually wrapped
snacks to add to the snack bucket. Students can choose from the snack bucket daily. If your child is a car rider, please make a sign with your child's name to place in the window. Make the name very bold. If your child has a transportation change that is not the regular
schedule, you must send a note, phone message, or email. The planner will come home every day. The student handbook is now part of your child's planner. There is a date correction, Parent-Teacher Conference. September 24 Sign and return daily. Conduct Slip For every check received, five minutes of walking Your child will write down what we have done in each subject. If the assignment is complete, there will be a check mark beside it. If the assignment is incomplete, it will be highlighted. This assignment needs to be completed and returned the following school day. Welcome Come home every Friday. AR Your child has a goal every six weeks. Please make sure your child is reading to reach that goal. If your child reaches his/her goal every six weeks,
he/she will be able to attend the end of the year trip to the park. There will be no interim grades the 1st six weeks. You will see language arts as one grade this year. Any questions? Extra Day starts at 7:50. No cologne or perfume
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