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Corinne and Sugar

No description

Lora Stubanas

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Corinne and Sugar

By: Corinne Sharnetzka and Sugar My Diabetic Alert Dog Sugar Meeting Sugar A Regular Dog Sugar is my diabetic alert dog and she detects when my blood sugar is high or low. She alerts by pawing me. I got her January 5th. If Sugar is in public she needs to wear her vest. Her vest tells people that she is a service dog. When she has her vest on she knows she is working and needs to behave. Vest I train Sugar every time I feed her. We are also doing obedience training. It will take two years to fully train her. The guy with Sugar and me (in the black shirt) is my trainer. He helped me train Sugar. But now he left and is helping train other peoples diabetic alert dogs. I also like to teach Sugar tricks. Training Sugar is fed two times a day one at night and the other in the morning and I used to hand feed her. Sugar is 5 months old and is a yellow lab. All About Sugar Sugar is more than just a diabetic alert dog to me she is my best friend in life. She is just a regular dog that helps me, just like I am a regular kid living with diabetes. But what really matters is that I love her and she loves me and that’s what matters.
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