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Adidas Presentation

ethical AFIST and more

Alex Lee

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Adidas Presentation

By Alex Adidas Ethical Advertizing &
Aesthetics Idea or
Ideology Toughness and Technology C&C
Adidas sends equipment and world class players to Central America and the Caribbean
This inspires and spreads the word of the great sport soccer and also gives kids in poverty joy.
The C&C was established in the early 2010
This promotes Adidas as an organisation that supports local causes Adidas's idea is to spread the word about soccer at the same time helping the environment and countries in poverty
This effects the lifestyle that they are selling because they are promoting one of their biggest markets: soccer
They are selling the lifestyle of being environmentally friendly and at the same time being stylish They make a variety of products from shoes to outerwear from recycled materials to save the environment
This is ethical and good for the company because people get a image that Adidas is a good ethical company and they will be a long time consumers of Adidas, This helps Adidas because people will be choosing them instead of their big time competitors like Nike or Puma
Adidas uses technology for making new ways to make their products while being ethical 2 They go to third world countries to advertize and help
Take pictures to give people the image that they are friendly
Adidas is trying to put out a new kind of shoe called Grun collection
Grun collections are shoes that are made out of 100% recycled materials Finance

They put in a lot of fund into C&C to raise awareness about the condition in third world countries
This gives Adidas a good reputation to the consumers which takes time but eventually increases the profit
People look out for these things when comparing two companies closely Social Structure

According to Adidas, they are getting everyone
of their employees, from retailers to the CEO
involved in thinking green
Their employees are thinking green
by encouraging customers to recycle their
shoes to reduce waste and polution

Adidas shop

We think Adidas is not yet at the state of a marching company and in the process of becomeing one
We came to this thought because Adidas wasn't thinking about being ethical more than makeing a big profit out of their lines of products Our Thoughts What the Public Thinks

according to blog posts and Adidas web page comments it is almost certain that the people in the public think Adidas needs to improve and work harder on being an ethical company
most of the people who put out their opinions said Adidas fixed the problem of putting people South East Asia, and China in harsh working conditions but still has to do something about increase in their pollution levels Conclusion

in conclusion we think Adidas is a fast growing giant company that really wants to be an ethical company. Today they are not one of the more ethical company but we could see the small steps they were taking to become one
There we a lot of debate in the blogs and web pages but the research that we did on Adidas and our opinions told us they were the "good guys"
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