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Kouta O.

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Yodeling

Yodeling What is Yodeling?

-An effect producedin singing by any adrupt change of the register from chest voice to falsetto, expecially in popular folk songs of the Swiss Alp. (Collin's English Dictionary) CHEST VOICE

Method used for normal conversations
Epiglottis Open
Uses the Thyroarytenoid muscle Epliglottis-Controls the Volume, by air passing through this organ. Higher pressure=louder the voice

Vocal Cords- Responsible for pitch SOME SCIENCE FALSETTO

Uses the Cricothyroid muscle
Streches out the Vocal Cords
The epilogottis instantly closes a section of the vocal cord
Dramatic releasing of air
Explosion=Falsetto Switzerland Juutz

Communication system for the cowherds. Gradhaba

Type of yodeling in the Appenzell canton (Northeastern) Naturjodel

In Central to Western Berne
Interdependent parts Jodelleid

Formed in the late 19th century by F.W. Kuiken, J. H. Tuscer
'Stylised Yodel'
As in melodies in words, a pattern in the yodel sections Rhythmic; (sometimes) free rhythm
Timber; chest voice and falsetto
Texture; Homophonic
Instrumentation; Schellenshutteln &Talerschwingen
Melody; Its rapid 'up&down' movement
Harmony; Root position primary triads 1912, Swiss Yodel Association was found
(1975, 15000 members & 600 branches of yodel)

Used Yodel so that people weary for their homeland,
from the urban cities the live. Germany A new genre emerged from the objective to entertain their audience (sometimes in a beer hall), rather than wearing for their homeland. United States of America Mixture of Cultures

15000 slaves from Africa every year
Millions of immigrants from Europe

FORMED COUNTRY/WESTERN MUSIC Estimated that there are

400,000 Swiss immigrants

5,500,000 German immigrants from 1820-1920

And these people created a new genre of Yodel, Western Yodel Hawaii In Hawaii, they already had their own method of singing in Falsetto

Henry Berger, and Theodore Richards brought the Western falsetto in the early 19th century.

This style became very popular by 1928

These two styles combined, to create a new genre, Leo Kiekie Baka Tribes in Central Africa Japan Conclusion

Yodeling is now common throughout the world, but in different styles,
that reflects the area's feature that can be cultural, geological, economical, social etc. and I think that looking at these differences is just as interesting to listen to its unique musical characteristics. I hope that everyone had a better understanding about yodeling, and it will be great if some people actually thought that this was interesting. THANK YOU
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