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MOOCs, Learning Communities, and Future STEM Faculty #CIRLT15

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Derek Bruff

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of MOOCs, Learning Communities, and Future STEM Faculty #CIRLT15

MOOCs as Networks of Local Learning Communities
An Experiment in Preparing Future Faculty
Derek Bruff (@derekbruff)
Vanderbilt University

What comes to mind when you hear the word "MOOC"?
MOOC as Course Replacement
MOOC as Educational Outreach
“WIDER seeks to
substantially increase the scale
of application of highly effective methods of STEM teaching and learning in institutions of higher education, by employing instructional materials and methods that have a convincing evidentiary basis of effectiveness.”
1 - Principles of Learning
Derek Bruff
Vanderbilt U.
2 - Learning Objectives
Stephanie Chasteen
U. Colorado - Boulder
3 - Assessment
Angela Little
U. California - Berkley
4 - Cooperative Learning
Rique Campa
Michigan State U.
5 - Peer Instruction
Bennett Goldberg
Boston University
6 - Lecturing
Derek Bruff
Vanderbilt U.
7 - Inquiry-Based Labs
Cynthia Brame
Vanderbilt U.
8 - Writing to Learn
Janet Littrell
U. Pittsburgh
9 - Problem-Based Learning
Rique Campa
Michigan State U.
10 - Inclusive Teaching
Trey Mack
Vanderbilt U.
11 - Student Motivation
Derek Bruff
Vanderbilt U.
Intros & Outros
Trina McMahon, UW-Madison
Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt U.
"An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching"
Enrolled Students
Active Students
Statements of Accomplishment
Completion Rate
MOOC-Centered Learning Community
Individual Participant
Faciltator's Guide
Module learning goals
Description of module content
Suggested in-person activities
Discussion Highlights
Questions & Perspectives
Course Feedback
Facilitators were of mixed opinions on the value of the global learning community to their local ones.
“Yes. It is valuable to hear from other students and educators for a varied, diverse perspective.”
"Some students engaged in the online forum earlier on in the MOOC; however, as time went on, it seemed apparent that the online discussion board was not used by our participants."
"We were all very pressed for time, and I think most of us prioritized the in-person MOOC over the online forum since it was nice to be able to discuss things in person."
Henry (Rique) Campa
Robert (Bob) Mathieu
Katherine (Kitch) Barnicle
Derek Bruff
Bennett Goldberg
NSF Grant #1347605
What effects did MCLC participation have on behaviors and outcomes in the MOOC?
Doctoral student
Faculty member
Instructional staff
24% completion with MCLC
15% completion without
54% completion with MCLC
40% completion without
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