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Holi Festival of Colors

No description

Pamela rosas

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Holi Festival of Colors

Holi Festival of Colors
Holi is a popular festival Hindu. It celebrates in spring in India Guyana and Nepal.
The king Hiranyakashipu had an evil sister, her name was Joliká.
She thought that she was the unique person in the world with powers and the slaves had to adore her.
Holi is celebrated one day before the stake.
It is for 16 days.
The Hiranyakashipu's son didn't want to adore to his father and his sister, he followed Vishnu and her aunt decided to kill him but Vishnu took care him.

His aunt was burnt in the stake.
The stake was the victory about
good over evil.
My dear, we have to go to India, because the most festival is going to start in spring.
Yeah, I know but the festival means the love for the other people.
I like it and I want to go but do you know that this festival is celebrated for 16 days?
I don´t know but I prefer the festival than the job so we have to go guy, please and we'll meet people, you can imagine!, there will be a lot of people.
I will go if you tell me about the history and what do I have to do while I stay in this place?
Oh my friend it´s easy. I read and watched in videos that the first day the people burn to Holika, remember she was the evil in the history.
Oh my God It´s different but I like it, she was the worst and I´ll help them to burn Holika but If the festival is about colours, why do I have to burn her?
They believe that the evil will go far If you burn it, the religion it´s so important in this festival.
I believe that they are crazy.
I have never been in a different place and I am scared for their festival, I prefer mexican festivals like tamal festival.
Don´t worry be happy my friend, it´s cool and the people love us because we are from another country and they are friendly.
Also they make us a potion, that sometimes it's only cannabis and I heard that the last year the festival only was for three days because India had many expenses.
Only three days? It´s fantastic, when will you buy the tickets to travel?
Yeah, the third day they listened electric music.
Friend, we are in September, the festival is in March I ´ll buy the tickets the next year
Well, I´ll wait the next year and I can earn money.
They waited the festival and they traveled to India and now they are always speaking about the HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLORS.
I read the newspaper and I know the history but I think that it was terrible and the festival is beautiful, I don´t understad it.
The second day they throw paint balloons and water, because during the spring the weather changes and it is believed that cause viral fever and cold. Well, the play by throw off colored powders has a medicinal significance.
Ok, but you only told me about the first day ...
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