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The Book Thief Digital Scrapbook

No description

Nicholas Brewer

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief Digital Scrapbook

From Liesel's Point of View
By: Nicholas Brewer The Book Thief Digital Scrapbook Werner's Death Werner's death was Liesel's first important happening. Her brother's death gives her motives o do pretty much everything. At her brother's burial, she steals the Grave Diggers Handbook. This is what sparks her interest of book thievery to continue throughout the the story. Arrival on Himmel Street When Liesel arrived on Himmel Street she was a bit skeptical. She wasn't sure if she would enjoy her new home or not. She was even scared of Rosa at first. This is what got her relationship with her new parents started. Meeting Rudy The Shoulder Shrug & Mayor's Wife Liesel steals another book called the Shoulder Shrug. She does so after a book burning scheduled on Hitler's birthday. While stealing the book, she is caught by the mayor's wife. Eventually, the mayor's wife lures Liesel into her own personal library. Liesel enjoys reading with the mayor's wife and begins to bond with her. Joining the Gang Liesel and Rudy join a gang later on. The gang leader's name is Arthur Berg. Arthur is a very generous person after he steals. He shares his food with the rest of the gang. Joining this gang also strengthens the bond between Liesel and Rudy. They steal together in their spare time. The main driving force for their stealing is their hunger on Himmel Street. Liesel wasn't exactly sure of what to think of Rudy in the beginning. She surely thought he was weird when she heard of the Jesse Owens incident. Liesel eventually gets used to the air of cockiness around Rudy. This was the beginning of a long lasting friendship between Liesel and Rudy. Max Arrives on Himmel Street Max, secretly traveling to the Hubermann household, arrives in the middle of the night. Liesel walks in on the strange man and asks her foster parents who he is. Liesel is then brought to the basement by Hans for a harsh talk about all the consequences of telling anyone Max was there. This is the start to Liesel's friendship with Max. Viktor Chemmel Gang leader Arthur Berg is replaced by Viktor Chemmel after he moves. Viktor is described as an ideal Nazi with a special hatred in his eyes. Viktor is cruel, especially to Rudy and Liesel. With Viktor as the new leader, Rudy and Liesel begin to rebel. This strengthens their friendship because of their shared hatred towards Viktor. Thirteen Gifts After Liesel brings snow down to the basement, Max falls into a coma. Day after day, Liesel brings gifts to Max. She never gives up hope and she even reads to Max while he is knocked out. Max hears of of what she did and is awestruck. This makes Max trust Liesel as a friend even more. Hans in the War Hans is drafted into World War II. Liesel and Rosa are absolutely devastated by the news. They have no idea what they are going to do without him. They are now worried if he will make it out alive or not. This strengthens their family bond and independence. Max's Departure Hans feeds bread to a Jew on their march to the concentration camp. Because of this outburst, Max is forced to leave the Hubermann household in fear of being caught. Hans, knowing it was his fault, feels extremely guilty. Liesel is even more emotionally scarred because he just lost one of her best friends. Hans Comes Home & Finding Max Rosa and Liesel get a letter from Hans stating that he is returning. The Hubermanns and Steiners are all ecstatic about the news. Rudy, on the other hand, thinks that it should be his father returning instead. Ninety-eight days after Hans returns, another horde of Jews are marched across Himmel street. Liesel carefully eyes the crowd for Max and finds him. She races to the crowd and calls out to Max. Max stops in disbelief, but the Nazi soldiers pull the two apart and publicly humiliate them. When Hans returns, this restores Liesel's happiness. After she finds Max, this gives Liesel some hope that they will be reunited. The Aftermath Everyone on Himmel street is bombed. Liesel is the only survivor because she was down in the basement writing her life story. In a delusional state, Liesel mourns over the dead bodies of Rudy, Rosa, and Hans. Ilsa Hermann comes to help Liesel back on her feet. Alex Steiner also gets back from the war. A while later, Max surprises Liesel with a visit. Liesel continues life after that normally, only to die later on. Death confronts Liesel with the book that she wrote. She flips through the pages and begins to reminisce. This is how Liesel slowly begins to accept the fate of everybody and begins to carry on with life.
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