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The Minecraft Makerspace

No description

Mike Washburn

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of The Minecraft Makerspace

The Minecraft Makerspace
Using Minecraft to engage students and create inspired lessons.
Mike Washburn
Head of Technology Studies
Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Mike Washburn

The Technology Gap
"There is a massive chasm which exists between a student’s encounters with technology at home, and their opportunities to encounter technology at school. At home students are constantly engaged with technology: be that YouTube, iTunes, using an App on their iPad or playing a video game. At school they do none of this. These are opportunities which are passing educators by."
Mike Washburn
We had a tool
kids love to use?
We had teachers energized by the engagement?
We had parents who see their child LOVE going to school?
We had students who can't stop talking about what they learned?
Lesson Description
In this Grade 4 Social Studies culminating activity spanning a number of work periods, students will use Minecraft to demonstrate their knowledge of early civilizations. By creating structures and environments they show how they lived, their buildings and style of construction, and the needs of their community.
Overall Expectations
A1. compare key aspects of life in a few early societies (3000 BCE–1500 CE), each from a different region and era and representing a different culture, and describe some key similarities and differences between these early societies and present-day Canadian society
A2. use the social studies inquiry process to investigate ways of life and relationships with the environment in two or more early societies (3000 BCE–1500 CE), with an emphasis on aspects of the interrelationship between the environment and life in those societies
A3. demonstrate an understanding of key aspects of a few early societies (3000 BCE–1500 CE), each from a different region and era and representing a different culture, with reference to their political and social organization, daily life, and relationships with their environment and with each other
Success Criteria
By the end of this assignment students will be able to:
Identify the locale and type of environment of a number of early civilizations.
Identify the building style of a number of early civilizations and be able to adequately replicate it in Minecraft.
Identify the types of food consumed by a number of early civilizations and create similar methods in Minecraft for its cultivation.
Work together and remain on task as a team to complete a large, complex and detailed project.
Materials Needed
Class set of computers / laptops.
Minecraft server if multiplayer is desired.
Class set of Minecraft licenses (or alternate means such as MinecraftEdu subscription)
Culminating Activity: Creating Early Civilization Communities in Minecraft
Identify the type of terrain you spawned in.
Associate that environment to an ancient civilization.
Use prior knowledge and additional research to create a community or landmark which resembles one of that civilization.
What do the houses look like?
What other types of services / buildings would this civilization have?
Are there any special landmarks this civilization is known for? (Are they able to be built in the time given?)
Please ask questions and discuss both the activity, and anything else ANYTIME!
Welcome! Please take a few minutes to setup WIFI and make sure Minecraft is working.
Its NOT Just About Playing The Game!
Find ways to integrate gaming and game concepts into lessons.
After School Programs
Wording in Questions
Point Systems
Session Goals
Identifying The Problem
Why Games, Why Minecraft
Inspire Redefinition
Answer Questions
Did you know: A Minecraft block is 1 meter cubed?
Apathy for Learning
The "right" hard work.
Goal setting and achievement.
Collaborative maker-space for creative work.
Popularity (Using what's popular with THEM, not us)
Tell us what you think!
There are two ways to provide feedback on this session:
ISTE 2015 mobile app
A little motivation before you get started!
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