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Similarities and Differences of Mitosis and Meiosis

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Marley Watts

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences of Mitosis and Meiosis

Similarities and Differences of Mitosis and Meiosis
Marley Watts, Nicole Alexander, and Kelsey Curlutu

Similarities of Mitosis and Meiosis
They are both ways of cell reproduction

In both processes the cell must duplicate its DNA, pull it apart into two sets, place the sets on each end of itself and then divide down the middle

They both produce new cells based on their parents cells

They both go through Interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase

The centromeres split in both processes just not at the same time

Karyokinesis occurs In interphase, cytokinesis occurs in telophase

Mitosis Differences
cell reproduction, or duplication


same number of chromosomes

occurs in all organisms

produces 2 haploid cells

an exact replica once duplicated
Meiosis Differences
the separation of homologous chromosomes, producing 4 haploid cells.

occurs only in humans, animals, plants, and fungi

genetically different

the chromosome number reduces by half

only creates sex cells
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