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21st Century Final


Mike Hoang

on 2 February 2010

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Transcript of 21st Century Final

Our 21st century Leadership experience Course Overview In the 21st Century Leadership course we learn as students and teachers. In this course we get the opportunity to teach other students in ASW about... By creating lesson plans and working together in groups and teams we can accomplish a lot, and help other student to better understand, what we are learning ourselves. FLASH GOOGLE
HARDWARE The Pink-Cyan team Sang Woo Mike Pamela Oskar This is what I did with Flash, enjoy :) Google Sketchup ROCKS ! And this is Spongebob and Scratch helping us to advertize
Mr. Schaffner's Comparative Government class' project. "Leadership in the 21st century is no longer a fixed role. In a fluid, dynamic environment where innovation rules, leadership is only an occasional act that can come from any direction including outside the group." My best experiences in the 21 century leadership class teaching Flash animation to Mr Avery's class. Also even though i have never mastered it, google sketch-up was really fun. It was the funnest thing that i have done in class and it felt very good to pass on knowledge to the young kids. Yeah... I spent hours on this ... but it was worth it xD RAIN with FLASH!!!!!!! And this is an ICOSAHEDRON, aren't those colors lovely? And this is my bridge THE END
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