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Lord of The flies

No description

hollis baker

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Lord of The flies

Lord Of The FLies Characters and Characterization:
Piggy-very democratic,Ralph-unleader-like,SamnEric-searching fot wood for the fire,Jack-thief,more savage,
Bill-none,Maurice-none,Roger-the most savage of the boys,
Robert,Wilfred-scared,wimpy boy who gets beat,
Littluns-none Literary Devices
Foreshadowing: the stealing of Piggy's glasses
foreshadows the lead to Piggy's death
Metaphors: the murder of Simon being known as
the feast
1. "It was an accident" pertaining to Simon's death
after the dance they had.
2."If only we could make a radio" this is an idea they came up with to try and get rescued, because the fire is not working
3."It's come... It's Real!" this is piggy saying the people attacking them for his glasses is the beast, but it is just Jack and his hunters, it is showing how unreal the beast is
4."Ralph! Stop laughing like that. Look, there ain't no need, Ralph! What's the others going to think?" this quote is showing how Ralph is forgetting all about how to be a leader, along with not being able to keep order. Development points:
1.Ralph is becoming less of a leader
2.The boys decided to split into 2 groups instead of staying in 1
3.Starting not to care for the fire
4.Jack is playing by his own rules(his own chief)
5.Everyone is becoming more violent
6.Jack and his boys welcome the beast instead of avoiding it
7.instead of being rescued,they are focused on being savages,
8.proper boys turned into filthy, beast boys
9.All the boys used to be on Ralph's side, but decided Jack was a stronger leader so joined his side
Lord of the Flies Symbols:
Piggy- civilization,democratic
Conch- maintaining their government,power,authority
Signal Fire- hope of being rescued,
Piggy's glasses- being able to see things clear such
as no beast, its only their imagination
The beast- the beast within each boy on the island
(starting to become more like a beast)
Review Questions:
1. Who ended up fighting each other when Jack and his hunters came?
2. What was the name of the place where Jack and his boys hide out?
3. what were the memories Ralph kept having?
4. What did each of the boys do when they talked about the dance?
5. Who was the boy tied up?
6. Is the fire as important now or no?
7. What was the purpose of taking Piggy's glasses?
8. Why did Jack plan on taking the fire from Ralph's group?
9. What was the purpose of beating Wilfred and untying him?
10. Does this technique work?
Summary of Chapter:
Jack splits with his boys to another
side of the mountain, and all Ralph is doing is
weeping over what happened to Simon, Jack and his
group plan on stealing the fire from Ralph's group
but ends up taking something else:Piggy's glasses
they get into a huge fight in the shelters and Jack
gets away with the glasses,hoping his plan would work
Ralph is becoming less of a leader while Jack becomes
more savage-like and to his hunters am all around better
Chapter 10 Research:
WW2, Golding is using this piece of writing to try and give some examples of how the war was, also to let the readers understand that many have to question
whether people are savages when it comes to survival or is it just taught to be an instinct. The same with war: do people do anything to survive or is it because they were taught to
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