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Eric van Nes

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Cow-Tail Switch
The moral of the legend is to be thankful for what you have. In the legend, Ogaloussa dies and his sons don't go to look for him until the newborn son"s first words are "Where is my father?". Once the father is brought back to life the sons admire the cow-tail switch their father made.
The legend takes place in the village of Kundi in somewhere in West Africa. The village is at the edge of the Liberian rain forest(where Ogaloussa was killed) by the Cavally river. There are rice and cassava fields in all directions with cattle grazing by the river.
The climax is when Ogaloussa tells the village that he will give the cow-tail switch to the son that did the most to bring him home. When Ogaloussa said that the sons and then the village began to argue who should get the cow-tail switch..
The conclusion is when Ogaloussa gives the cow-tail switch his youngest son, because if the son didn't say "Where is my father?" then Ogaloussa would have never been found.
The Cow-Tail Switch

The short story the cow tail switch (a west African legend)is about a man named Ogaloussa that dies and then his sons come to find him and bring him back to life.
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