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Copy of Mission of Love - SK

Back to Work

Jessica Roeper

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mission of Love - SK

MISIA 4 Uhádnite na základe fotky a indícií, miesta a stavby, ktoré sa MISIA 5 Film č. 1 Uhádnite názov filmu,
z ktorého je ukážka. Film č. 2 Film č. 3 Film č. 4 Film č. 5 Láska je len .... Vzťah bez dôvery je ako auto bez benzínu.
Môžeš v ňom ostať, ale....................... Láska je ako matematika ak ju nezopakuješ,
prestávaš jej ........................ Zamilovaní pri bozkávaní zatvárajú oči,
pretože chcú vidieť ....................... Láska bolí len toho, kto naozaj ............... MISIA 6 Doplňte nasledujúce citáty o láske spájajú s láskou. Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender Beatles - All you need is love Whitney Houston - I will always love you Gott, Habera, Dvorský - Svet lásku má Celine Dion - My heart will go on Richard Muller - Svet lásku má Lenka Filipová - Prý se tomu říká láska India - Tádž Mahál Verona
balkón Rómea a Júlie Trója Rím
most Milvio Bojnický zámok Hrad Karlštejn Visuté záhrady Semiramidine Las Vegas Hrad Dobroyd,
Todmorden, Anglicko Boldt Castle, USA Film 1 - Legenda o vášni Film 2 - Láska nebeská Film 3 - Dirty Dancing Film 4 - Angelika Film 5 - Medisonské mosty The Love Story of
Brian And Jessica It all started on the last day of summer at an amazing place called Lake Chumung!! A little kiss on the cheak was what won you over in the end I will never forget the fact that you stayed on the phone with me and talked to me till 4 am the night that we met. Or the fact that you wanted me to sneak out of sams cottage to come hang out with you so badly that you stayed on your golf cart just down the street The moment that I knew that I really liked you was whenever you would say that you had to get off the phone, but would call me back real soon, and you actually did it! I loved the fact that you didn't mind talking to me for that long. Also when I found out that you loved hockey just as much as i did. I knew I found my soulmate!! <3 For three years you have been here for me no matter what You have become my best friend We have had so many experiences together like.... A few memories... Prom Dates
<3 <3 With Matt and Stephanie Group Pic!! Strong Boy :) In front of that amazing house Prom 2011 Me pretending to put the flower on you haha :p How Cute!!! The Perfect Couple <3 We are so awesome!! I just want to let you know that you made this day, my senior prom, special to me. It wasn't even the prom part that made it special, just the fact that i got to experience it with you. I never would have wanted to share this day with anyone else but you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Group Shots.... Prom 2010 Jetski Fun!! Every winter i think about the times that we go on the jetski in the summer. Being on the water is always fun but tubing and riding the jetski make it that much better I always think about all of the times that i have had fun tubing, and of course all of the times that i have gotten hurt lol. But now that i look back on the memories im glad that i have them. I have these fun memories becauseof you babe. Thank you :) Rememebr when we went out fishing on the "hornet" as i like to call it? We woke up early and i drove you around so that you could fish. I even packed us food and something to drink lol. I love you with all my heart and soul Summer Days Drink every last drop!! Parties At MSU Halloween The Cottage :) Long night lol The definition of our relationship lol The fishing trip that went wrong!! Even tho this trip had so much bad luck in it, I always look back at it and laugh so hard because of how funny it all was Everything that went wrong -We caught no fish, because there weren't any lol
-The 10 pounds of jerkey your dad made got ruined by ear wigs!
-The water was freezing cold and we couldn't even swim in it.
- The hose that was used to empty the waste tank out of the motor home had rotted and had holes in it and once your dad turned it on all the gross stuff came spraying out!! Aaaaaand your grandpa touched it with his bare hands, then denied it when we told him to wash his hands lmfao
- your grandpa ruined the propeller of the rented pontun boat by driving in the shallow part of the lake.
- We left the campground because we weren't catching fish and it had started to rain. You were telling me the story about when you were on a trip in the motor home and it was poring rain and the windshield wipers stopped working, as soon as you finished that story the wipers stoped working and we couldnt see lol. Everything that went right - I got to meet your dads side of the family
- we got to Jetski a little bit
- We got to four wheel around your grandparents place
- I got to spend time with you fishing and doing guy stuff and I actually liked it. Saint Patty's Day Ski Weekend!!! One on One First time getting drunk with the roomates lol This was the night that we went to Emmas party after the one on one and Alyssa walked away and ended up at some guys place all the way at Ceder Village lol. And I also fell down the stairs when I was trying to find her. I have a scar to prove it!!! God that hurt lol. But we look amazing in these pix!! :) Probably one of the drunkest day of my life lol. I deff had swiss cheese blackout that day lol. I had a lot of fun with you guys as you can tell from these pix!! lol Kels is a riot!!! Even tho we didnt get to actually go skiing, i still had a blast. This was one of my favorite trips with you just becasue we were in the middle of no where and we got to chill and drink. I don't care that it was freezing or that we had more booze than food lol, i had so much fun!! MIAMI!!!! The nights that we went out for expensive dinner. Look at us!!! WE SEXY!! haha The beauty that is Miami <3 Pretty sure this one is Kentucky tho lol My first memorable interaction with the ocean, and I got to experience it with you babe. I loved swimming in the ocean with you and finding all of those cool shells. That was one of my favorite parts of this trip :) This was my first time on a public bus. We were going to South Beach. Not much happened there but I still loved experiencing it and going to look around at all of the stores there. LOVE YOU BOOB Some funny photos of us!!!! We are so good looking!! :)
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